Last week's top 20 videos (2018, week 13)

collage of this week's updates

Top 20 videos last week (March 25-31)

  1. That Pedal Show ? New Fender Pedals At The Fender Artist Showroom In London (by That Pedal Show)
  2. DOD - Rubberneck (by Knobs)
  3. Hotone Legacy Amps - 5 pocket-sized amps through a Marshall 4x12 cab! (by AndertonsMusic)
  4. Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE (by JayLeonardJuatco)
  5. New Danelectro Billionaire Pedals! (by AndertonsMusic)
  6. Troubleshooting "non working" pedals, what to do first if your pedal stops working (by Wampler Pedals)
  7. Origin Effects Revival Drive - Demo by Simon Gotthelf (by Simon Gotthelf)
  8. CHASE BLISS TONAL RECALL Analog Delay demo by Pete Thorn (by Pete Thorn)
  9. Way Huge® Smalls Series Aqua Puss? Analog Delay (by Jim Dunlop)
  10. One Control | Baby Blue OD [BJFe Designed] (by Jake Cloudchair)
  11. Gurus Amps Echosex 2 T7E review (by BjornRiis)
  12. Way Huge® Pork & Pickle? Bass Overdrive And Fuzz (by Jim Dunlop)
  13. Pedals and Effects: Tensor by Red Panda (by PedalsAndEffects)
  14. Way Huge® Smalls? Pedal Series (by Jim Dunlop)
  15. Way Huge® Smalls? Russian-Pickle? Fuzz MkIII (by Jim Dunlop)
  16. Way Huge® Smalls? Blue Hippo? Analog Chorus MkIII (by Jim Dunlop)
  17. Hoof - Shivering Timbers' Sarah Benn (by EarthQuaker Devices)
  18. ZVEX Effects Vertical Series Pedals (by Z. Vex)
  19. BOSS / RC-1-BK???????????????? (by digimartnet)
  20. Free Pedal Friday: Death by Audio Deep Animation | Reverb Giveaway (by ProGuitarShopDemos)

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