Last week's top 20 videos (2018, week 11)

collage of this week's updates

Top 20 videos last week

  1. The Pugilist Distortion | Effect Pedals | Fender (by Fender)
  2. FENDER EFFECTS PEDALS FULL SONG/DEMO by Pete Thorn (by Pete Thorn)
  3. The Marine Layer Reverb | Effect Pedals | Fender (by Fender)
  4. Capt Meets Mr Way Huge Jeorge Tripps (by AndertonsMusic)
  5. AP at NAMM 2018: Supro / Pigtronix (by Mod Amp Kits)
  6. Fancy an Accufunkture? - Function FX Pedals (by AndertonsMusic)
  7. ORANGE FUR COAT FUZZ Demo by Pete Thorn (by Pete Thorn)
  8. Headrush Pedalboard for BASS (by GAK)
  9. Hoof & Levitation - Cait McCoy (by EarthQuaker Devices)
  10. SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver - Official Product Video (by TC Electronic)
  11. Hamstead Soundworks Odyssey Demo Video by Shawn Tubbs (by Shawn Tubbs)
  12. Spaceman Effects Mercury IV Germanium Harmonic Boost (by Elevation Boutiques)
  13. Shift line OLYMPIC MkIII with Andrey Opletaev (by Shift Line)
  14. Comparing (and Stacking) 10 OD/Distortion Pedals On Bass! (by Patrick Hunter)
  15. Let's screw with the PUGILIST and MIRROR IMAGE pedals by Fender (by Andy Othling)
  16. DEDALO FX - ALU9 // ALIASER - ARCADE (Modo oculto) (by Dedalo FX)
  17. Southampton Pedals Utility Knife Modulator | Reverb Tone Report (by reverbmarket)
  18. Line 6 Helix 2.50 Snapshots Patches Full Demo - by Glenn DeLaune (by Glenn DeLaune)
  19. Danelectro Billionaire Cash Cow Overdrive pedal - demo by RJ Ronquillo (by R.J. Ronquillo)
  20. Free Pedal Friday: SolidGoldFX Electroman MKII (by ProGuitarShopDemos)

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