Weekly overview (2016, week 40): 2 new brands and 48 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

2 new brands

  1. Hot Box Pedals
  2. Positive Grid

48 new effects

  1. Aalberg Audio MO-1 Moon - Wireless Switcher
  2. Black Cat OD-Fuzz (CME Edition)
  3. Earthbound Audio Effects 71 Supercollider
  4. Earthbound Audio Effects Pale Mare - Bee Baa Fuzz
  5. EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser - Resonant Reverberations
  6. Formula B Maestra Fuzz Tone
  7. Glou-Glou Rendez-Vous
  8. Iron Ether Divaricator - Crossover/Exciter
  9. Iron Ether Nimbus SE - Bass Reverb
  10. Magnetic Effects Sonic Tailor
  11. Musicson SCR-3 Stereo Chorus
  12. MXR M-290 Phase 95 - Mini Phaser
  13. Pro Tone Pedals Tosin Abasi Signature Overdrive
  14. Satellite Amplifiers Fogcutter
  15. Tym Guitars Beauty & Ruin - Bob Mould Signature Distortion
  16. Tym Guitars Big Mud Triangle Modern
  17. Tym Guitars Big Mud Triangle Vintage
  18. Tym Guitars Big Mud Version 3
  19. Tym Guitars Big Mud Violet Rams Head
  20. Tym Guitars Civil War Big Mud
  21. Tym Guitars Creation Fuzz
  22. Tym Guitars Double D
  23. Tym Guitars Foxey Lady
  24. Tym Guitars Fuzzmaster
  25. Tym Guitars Lemon Sournote Overdrive
  26. Tym Guitars Mini Boost
  27. Tym Guitars Mini Buzzrite
  28. Tym Guitars Mini Mud (Op-Amp version)
  29. Tym Guitars Mini Mud (Transistor version)
  30. Tym Guitars Mini Mudd (Op-Amp version)
  31. Tym Guitars Mini Overdrive Preamp/666
  32. Tym Guitars Mini Overdrive Preamp/666 (Grey Version)
  33. Tym Guitars Mini TMKF Distortion - This Machine Kills Fascists
  34. Tym Guitars Mini TMKF Fuzz - This Machine Kills Fascists
  35. Tym Guitars Mini Tymexar (Germanium version)
  36. Tym Guitars Mini Tymexar (Silicon version)
  37. Tym Guitars Mud Fuzz
  38. Tym Guitars Op Amp Big Mud
  39. Tym Guitars Overdrive Preamp/666
  40. Tym Guitars Red Mud
  41. Tym Guitars Reverse Big Mud
  42. Tym Guitars Seaweed Fuzz - Isaiah Mitchell Signature Fuzz
  43. Tym Guitars Stranded distortion
  44. Tym Guitars Teenage Fanboost
  45. Tym Guitars The Axeman's Fuzz
  46. Tym Guitars Tym Bender
  47. Tym Guitars TYMEXAR Distortionator X
  48. Tym Guitars TYMEXAR St. Paul Distortion

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