Weekly overview (2014, week 37): 5 new brands and 40 new pedals

5 new brands

  1. 3Why FX
  2. Aion Electronics
  3. Analog Workshop Products
  4. Doom In Analog (D*I*A)
  5. Kool & Elfring

40 new effects

  1. Aleks K Production Sun Beam - Magic Drive
  2. Amptweaker TightDrive Pro
  3. Analog Workshop Products Textone Overdrive
  4. Big Tone Music Brewery American Ram Fuzz
  5. Big Tone Music Brewery American Triangle Fuzz
  6. Big Tone Music Brewery British Overdrive
  7. Big Tone Music Brewery Classic Distortion
  8. Big Tone Music Brewery Classic Germanium Fuzz
  9. Big Tone Music Brewery Classic Overdrive
  10. Big Tone Music Brewery Classic Silicon Fuzz
  11. Big Tone Music Brewery Crown Jewel
  12. Big Tone Music Brewery Gray Box Overdrive
  13. Big Tone Music Brewery Silver Overdrive
  14. DöktörRök FuzzFing
  15. Electro-Harmonix XO Clockworks - Rhythm Generator / Synthesizer
  16. Foxrox Festival Overdrive
  17. Ibanez 35th Anniversary TS-808 Tube Screamer Pro
  18. Infanem Compact Faye Sing B
  19. Keeley Katana Blues Drive
  20. Keeley KO-ALS Distortion
  21. Kool & Elfring Ace Boost - All Tube
  22. Larry Alan Guitars The Harlot
  23. Mu-FX (by Mike Beigel) Octave Divider
  24. One Control Minimal series BJF Buffer Split
  25. Providence ABC-1 Anadime Bass Chorus
  26. RJM Effects "E" Overdrive
  27. Rowin LEF-213 Phaser
  28. Rowin LEF-301B Distortion
  29. Rowin LEF-302B Overdrive
  30. Rowin LEF-304 Chorus
  31. Rowin LEF-305 Heavy Metal
  32. Rowin LEF-306 Fuzz
  33. Rowin LEF-313 Phaser
  34. Rowin LEF-314 Analog Delay
  35. Rowin LEF-318 Booster
  36. Rowin LEF-661 Modulation
  37. Seppuku FX Pitch Computer
  38. Vestax V-1X Tube Drive with Head Phone System
  39. Vox V857 Union Jack Wah Wah (2014)
  40. Walrus Audio Plainsman - Dual Stage Clean Boost

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