Weekly overview (2010, week 40): 5 new brands and 70 new pedals

5 new brands

  1. Bob Burt
  2. JHV3
  3. Little Lord Electronics
  4. On Off Effects
  5. Silver Hammer Designs

70 new effects

  1. Backline Engineering FX Tracker
  2. Big Knob Pedals Beck Ola - Dynamic Overdrive
  3. Big Knob Pedals Echo Flex - Tapeless Analog Delay
  4. Big Knob Pedals Fullclone Ver 4 - Obsessed Comp Drive
  5. Big Knob Pedals Fuzz Barn - Germanium Fuzz with Self-Oscillation and Feedback
  6. Big Knob Pedals True Bypass Looper
  7. Big Knob Pedals Tube 808 - Classic Amp Boost
  8. Big Knob Pedals Vibe Tone - Vintage Rotary Effect
  9. Big Tone Music Brewery BTMB Overdrive
  10. Binson Echorec P.E. 603
  11. BM 104 Fuzz-Feedback
  12. Bob Burt Clean Boost
  13. Bob Burt Compressor
  14. Bob Burt Overdrive
  15. Boulevard BDT-10 Distortion
  16. Cave Passive Pedals The Wasp MkII
  17. Devi Ever Hyperion 2
  18. EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine
  19. Empress Effects Phaser
  20. eZone53 1-Knob Fuzz Face
  21. eZone53 2-Knob Fuzz Face
  22. Ghost Effects Ghost Bender Mk1.5
  23. GNI PBB Black Booster
  24. GNI PED Easy Drive 'n Booster
  25. GNI PFT Fuzz Tortion
  26. GNI PHD Hot Drive
  27. GNI POC Octa Fuzz
  28. GNI PPD Power Distortion
  29. Jet City Amplification Boost Overdrive
  30. Jet City Amplification Buffered Line Driver
  31. JHV3 Ghost Drive
  32. JHV3 Jet Drive
  33. JHV3 Proto Drive
  34. Little Fuji Moderne Audio Dirt Snob
  35. Little Lord Electronics The Big Meaty Dick
  36. Little Lord Electronics The Hairy Arsehole
  37. Little Lord Electronics The Hairy Doughnut
  38. Little Lord Electronics The Mingemaster
  39. Little Lord Electronics The Mouthful of Hot Chips
  40. Mango Sumo Boost
  41. Monacor MA-10 Funky Filter
  42. MW Hand-Built Pedals Fuzzytone Deluxe
  43. NIG BSH Bass Shaper
  44. NIG PBB Black Booster
  45. NIG PED Easy Drive 'n Booster
  46. NIG PFT Fuzz Tortion
  47. NIG PHD Hot Drive
  48. NIG PHF Phaser/Flanger
  49. NIG POC Octa Fuzz
  50. NIG PPD Power Distortion
  51. On Off Effects Beehive
  52. On Off Effects Coolness
  53. On Off Effects M&M
  54. On Off Effects USSR
  55. On Off Effects Yama
  56. Plum Crazy FX King Rasp
  57. Robot Factory MS-20 Brain Freeze
  58. Robot Factory PhoTron
  59. Robot Factory Worm Hole
  60. Silver Hammer Designs BD-3 Bass Distortion
  61. Silver Hammer Designs Fuzzed Up
  62. TH Audio Boiled Peanut Distortion
  63. TH Audio Chutney Fuzz
  64. TH Audio Mockba GT404B
  65. TH Audio Old Shoe Fuzz
  66. TH Audio S Boost
  67. TH Audio The Grump - Bass Fuzz
  68. TomasZewicZ D-Drive
  69. Vintage Pedal Workshop Exel Shatterbox
  70. Wattson Classic Electronics Fuzz FY-2

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