Weekly overview (2009, week 37): 9 new brands and 62 new pedals

9 new brands

  1. Backline Engineering
  2. Bouteek
  3. Burner
  4. Musitech
  5. Planet Waves
  6. Sho-Bud
  7. Tone Box
  8. Tone Monk
  9. Whirlwind

62 new effects

  1. Akai T1 Tune Lock
  2. Backline Engineering RiffBox
  3. Bouteek Distorter - Preamp
  4. Bouteek Overdriver - Preamp
  5. Bouteek Twin Drive and Boost - Ultimate Drive with Fuzz Inject
  6. Burner Valve Tremolo
  7. Burner VOD-1 Valve Overdrive
  8. Dean Ramsay Jitterbug Tremolo
  9. Dean Ramsay Mega Fuzz
  10. Dean Ramsay Treble Booster
  11. Dean Ramsay White Rabbit Germanium Fuzz
  12. Hilton Electronics Volume Pedal
  13. Ibanez LU20 Chromatic Tuner
  14. Korg DT-10 Digital Chromatic Tuner
  15. Korg PB-01 Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner
  16. Korg PB-02 Pitchblack+ Chromatic Tuner
  17. LNA Guitar Effects Hi-Lo Boost
  18. LNA Guitar Effects Patrick Rondat Signature Distortion
  19. Musitech Tube Talker
  20. Nady FP3 Floor Play
  21. OTO Phase
  22. Pete Cornish TB-83
  23. Pete Cornish TB-83 Extra Duplex
  24. Planet Waves PW-CT-04 Chromatic Pedal Tuner
  25. Rothwell Audio Products Heartbreaker
  26. Rothwell Audio Products Love Squeeze
  27. Rothwell Audio Products Major Bypass
  28. Sho-Bud Volume Pedal
  29. Stomp Under Foot Son Of A Bee
  30. Tone Box Skull Crusher
  31. Vox amPlug Acoustic
  32. Vox v845 Wah Wah
  33. Whirlwind "Gold Box" Distortion
  34. Whirlwind "Orange Box" Phaser
  35. Whirlwind "Red Box" Compressor
  36. Yamaha UD Stomp
  37. Young Pedals Time Stomp - 700ms Analog Delay
  38. Z.Cat Booster
  39. Z.Cat Cat Auto Wah
  40. Z.Cat Cat Drive
  41. Z.Cat Cat Fuzz - Germanium Fuzz
  42. Zoom A2 Acoustic Effects
  43. Zoom A2.1u Acoustic Effects with USB & Expression Pedal
  44. Zoom B1 Bass Effects
  45. Zoom B1x Bass Effects with Expression Pedal
  46. Zoom B2 Bass Effects
  47. Zoom B2.1u Bass Effects with USB & Expression Pedal
  48. Zoom B9.1ut Bass Effects Console
  49. Zoom G1 Guitar Effects
  50. Zoom G1J John 5 Signature Pedal
  51. Zoom G1K Kiko Loureiro Signature Pedal
  52. Zoom G1M Michael Amott Signature Pedal
  53. Zoom G1N Guitar Effects
  54. Zoom G1U Guitar Effects with USB Interface
  55. Zoom G1X Guitar Effects with Expression Pedal
  56. Zoom G1XN Guitar Effects with Expression Pedal
  57. Zoom G2 Guitar Effects
  58. Zoom G2.1u Guitar Effects with USB & Expression Pedal
  59. Zoom G2G George Lynch "Mr. Scary" Signature Pedal
  60. Zoom G2R Richie Kotzen Signature Pedal
  61. Zoom G7.1ut Guitar Console
  62. Zoom G9.2tt Guitar Console

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