[review] Zorg Effects Glorious Basstar (by JFHerregat)


Zorg effect is a French brand of handcrafted pedals. They have a very distinctive look, with the metal boxes covered with a wooden plate. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I’m in love with that look! What makes them extra cool is that you can order them both as a finished product or as a DIY kit (4 different kinds, more on that later). The Glorious Basstar is an overdrive pedal unlike any other: it gives you full control over your sound. No more loss in the low end!

Build quality

These pedals are solid, period! The metal casing is light but sturdy, the knobs are made of plastic and are available in blue, purple, black, white, yellow and red (you can choose your combination per 2 knobs) and the wooden plate is glued on top of the metal casing. No rubber feet on the back, makes it easier to put on velcro tape for your pedalboard but if you want to use it as a single pedal you better apply some rubber feet yourself. Inside everything looks nice and organized, but there’s a little surprise: 3 pairs of dip switches! To the controls!


8 knobs, a toggle switch, a foot switch and an indicator led, that’s what we see on top. A lot of controls for an overdrive pedal. Let’s start with the usual: the 2 lower left knobs are overall volume and tone. Pretty standard knobs for an overdrive. That’s where the comparison with other OD’s ends. The other three pairs of knobs give you control over the high, mid and low band. All three of them have a separate gain and volume knob. That’s right, you can manage exactly how much high, mid and low you want AND how much overdrive you want in that band. An extra plus: turn all three gains down and you’re holding a three band EQ. In the middle you’ll find a toggle switch where you can set the mid-band to high (H), low (L) or mid (M). That way you can control the frequency of the mid-band. That’s not all. I mentioned the dip switches before. There’s one pair per band. When switched ON you get a diode overdrive, OFF gives you led overdrive but you can also choose to put one ON and one OFF, which gives you a combination of diode and led. That’s a lot of features for a simple overdrive pedal. All the more fun!

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