[review] Yerasov PB-8 SCS Pedal Board (by Brett Kingman)

Brett Kingman is probably best known as Burgerman666, one of the best pedal reviewers on YouTube. But he also spends time touring and recording with some of the biggest Australian artists.

I've seen, tried and heard some pretty good ideas this year, but I have to say that this SCS (secret connecting system) is without a doubt one of the best.

The pedals - which all sound great - are connected internally with RJ11 cables (one end on the bottom of the pedal itself, one end inside the SCS pedal board). This results in, 1. space economy; 2. easy power distribution (the total current draw is about 150mA. You can feed any one of the pedals and all of them share the power. Brilliant); and 3. it's incredibly quiet.

Yerasov SCS PB-8All of the pedals are True Bypass and all sound as good or better than many of their peers. Much attention has obviously been paid on getting the sounds right. The pedals can be purchased and used independently like any other stomp box; they are not exclusively tied to this system.

The total length of the assembled board is 52cm. Tiny!

At the moment this is the available range of pedals for guitar but I believe more are on the way. Can't wait. Bass pedals are also available.

An assembly video (no sound) can be viewed here.

I will post a demo shortly as I'm sure you'll be wanting to hear these pedals. I've tried them briefly with various guitars and all of the pedals are killers. In fact, the Delay is one of the sweetest I've heard from any company.

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