[review] Wilson Effects WMA Wah - World's Most Affordable Wah (by LievenDV)

LievenDV is a reverb nut and enjoys discovering innovating technology. Besides that he's a singer/songwriter; solo and in a band.

"WMA wah" stands for Worlds Most Affordable wah. It is not the cheapest but it sure is a fine pedal with quality parts for a good price.

Kevin Wilson has a bit low profile when it comes to marketing and styling and this wah reflects the philosophy. It's a no-frills unit that has an optimal resistance on the foot but goes back and forth real smooth.  In a rare occasion you might feel a slight stutter in the movement but this is only when you try to move it real softly in a very precise matter. It's no stutter but you feel the physical action of the mechanics below. I consider this a side effect of the rather direct grip and control you have on this pedal. This wah isn't optical. This wah doesn't color your sound at all and the sweep is wide enough to give you enough to work with.

Wilson Effects WMAThe pedal is very stable and the grip on the topside is basic but effective. It stays in place perfectly; both the bottom part and the position of the expression pedal.

Ideal for those times you need a "fixed wah position", not that you should use it only for that. Although it's solid, precise and steady, it operates really smooth. This is where the wah shines. Many wahs I tried are stable but need work to operate or others are expressive but wimpy.

This model features a switch that can make you switch to the NOS SOD ("stack of dimes?") inductor. This switch is safely hidden under the expression pedal, without being too far out of reach. Handy and safe.

The website claims it offers "2 amazingly different wah tones" which is a bit too much of marketing for me. At least; in my setup on a small tube amp and a Fender Strat with Bare Knuckle "Irish Tour" single coils, the difference wasn't that big. I liked the sound of the NOS SOD inductor more than the Wilson standard one. The SOD inductor seemed to take off a bit of harshness of my sound in the highest toe positions, without affecting the lows too much.Wilson Effects WMA

"Brilliance on the basics" truly is the statement of this pedal. Good but not extraordinary pedal. A quality built, does exactly what you expect it to do and well thought about. All of this in an affordable package.  I think that the only downside in design is that the power input is placed under the output of the pedal, on the left side. I think it's easier to integrate the pedal on a pedalboard when the power input is placed on top. Without being placed on a pedalboard, you might even reduce the risk of grabbing the power cable with your shoe when going for the pedal.

That's talking details of course.

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