[review] Vox V809 Repeat Percussion (by LordRiffenstein)

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Yes kids, Vox has been making pedals and effects for a long time. And they went way beyond the well known wah-pedal. The Repeat Percussion was built by JEN for Vox and part of a small set of effects that plug straight into your guitar

Repeat Percussion

Is it a pedal? Well, it’s an effects unit that you plug straight into your guitar and then plug your cord into the unit. It is part plastic and part metal and has 1 screw to take it apart. It has a fixed jack and an output, there’s an on/off switch and a little rotary dial to set the rate. It only works with a battery.

The pedal in use

Like a real noob I plugged the Repeat Percussion into my amp, plugging the guitar into the unit. That obviously doesn’t work because the jack is an output. So it needs to go into your guitar OR you can plug it into the output of a pedal and go from there. This will make the on/off switch difficult to reach but it works.

The Repeat Percussion effect sounds most of all like a delay, but it's actually a tremolo with a very hard attack, making each pulse sound like a new note or a repeat of the previous one. The rate has a wide range and can be tweaked very easily to be in sync with your tempo.

I found the little box to be quite inspiring, the long rate settings allow you to play your own rhythm patterns and adding little fills in-between. Although there is a slight volume drop, it works equally well for clean and overdriven tones. You can create some real nice texture with it and I had a lot of fun feeding it into other fx.

I’m not sure if there is a commercial copy of this effect unit (there are a few copies, Ed.) but I bet it would be loved by a lot of people as it’s a great unit to lay down nice textures. I sure had some good fun playing it.

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