[review] Totally Wycked Audio TK-01 Triskelion (by LordRiffenstein)

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Totally Wycked Audio

Totally Wycked Audio pedals are the brainchilds of Kevin at Godlyke. Godlyke is of course well known as a distributor for a number of brands in the US. With the TWA pedals, they now present their own pedals. These guys know a thing or 2 about pedals so needless to say that these aren’t run-of-the-mill pedals. Besides the Triskelion, TWA also has the Great Divide (octave pedal) and the Little Dipper (filter pedal)

Totally Wycked Audio TriskelionTriskelion

When I unpacked the Triskelion I was taken by surprise. It’s a pretty big pedal and it looks absolutely fantastic. It feels rock solid, the build quality is excellent and I love the color scheme/logo. And that’s before even plugging it in!! Checking the controls, it will become clear that this is something special. You have 3 dials and 2 little switches to work with. On the back you will also find a EXP jack to use a footcontroller. The Triskelion is basically a parametric EQ with only 1 band and an optional boost. These are the controls from left to right. Energy is the Q of the filter to set the amount of boost.  Then there’s the Variant Mass to control the frequency you boost and the VM Boost switch that will give you a bigger range (1 extra octave). Finally there’s the Amplitude control and its on/off switch. This is the additional boost the can deliver up to 18dB of boost.  Yes, there’s a lot going on but the Triskelion is rather straightforward in use!

The pedal in use

Plug the Triskelion in and strum a chord.  Doesn’t that look brilliant?  The entire logo lits up so you will never forget it’s on. And there’s more because the color changes with the setting of the Variant Mass control. To top it off, the 2 little switches are also lit!

But we review these pedals for the tones and when I plugged in, I had no idea what to expect from this. The blurp on the Godlyke site talks about vintage synth technology and re-shaping harmonic structure etc. It didn’t make much sense to me.  Thanks to a good manual, I understood what the different controls function was and I was off for a surprising journey. The Triskelion is basically a very clever filter pedal, similar to leaving your wah switch on and not moving it.

You can use it with a clean tone to totally change it but personally I think it works best when used with gain tones. Without the boost engaged, you can use the Triskelion to fine-tune your sound or drastically change it. You can really push a certain frequency to get anything from big fat to bright/glassy tones. Switch on the Variant Mass boost and you have a stellar lead boost that will make you cut thru the mix with ease. Ever tried turning that bridge single coil into a humbuckers tone?  The Triskelion will do that for you.

I was not sure what to expect from this pedal but looking back at it, it’s pretty damn genius. It’s not cheap but you get a top notch pedal for your hard-earned cash. It may rely on old synth technology but the TWA Triskelion simply delivers stellar tones and will keep you busy long after you have forgotten the price tag.

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