[review] T-Rex Vulture - Distortion (by rlm)

rlm is a Supersonic tone addict and plays in a melodic death metal band.

The Danish company T-Rex has been around for nearly twenty years, as it was founded in 1996. The company is renowned for their high quality pedals and accessories. Amongst their many users are guitar legends like David Gilmour, Pete Townshend and John Mayer, to name a few.

When buying a T-Rex pedal, you know what to expect. A high quality product with high standards in sound, built quality and reliability. In their line-up we come across some legendary products as the replica, roommate, mudhoney, moller and their fuel tank series.

T-Rex has recently extended their effects line up with a few new pedals. One of them is the Vulture. On their website, the Danes state that the Vulture is actually modified version of one of the first pedals they created back in the 90's which was a bit grungy in the low end. They started from that pedal to create a distortion pedal with a tighter, less fuzzy low end and with more gain. The Vulture has been born...

T-Rex VultureT-Rex's classic pedals are quite big. The new distortion pedal, is quite a bit smaller, about half of the size of their classic pedals. So, there's more space left on your pedal board. 

Another difference is the choice of a plastic housing. Mind you, it is a very thick plastic and certainly built to endure a heavy battering. Next to the regular gain, level and tone knob, you get a low and a fat boost. The pedal is powered by a 9v adapter. The tone knob lets you add or take away the bass response of the pedal. In addition, there are two “boost” settings on the pedal. The low boost will let you add more body to the sound, as if you are playing a 4x12 cabinet instead of a combo. The fat boost will add weight and punch to your sound. These features make the Vulture a versatile pedal. It's range goes from a clean, transparent overdrive to a full blown growling distortion. Apart from using it as an overdrive or distortion on its own, you can use it as a means to boost your amp. Thanks to the additional EQ features, the pedal can be used as a clean, bass and mid boost. 

The T-Rex Vulture is very simple in use. It lets you dial in a tone very easily using the regular EQ. Afterwards you can tweak your tone with the low and fat boost to shape it the way you want. Even if you go for full blown distortion, the bass end remains tight. T-Rex really delivered on that end.

I've been using both humbucker and single coil equipped guitars and was really pleased by the tones and possibilities this pedal provides. This pedal can either make a guitar sing or make it growl like a ferocious beast. 

The pedal is reasonably priced and in all fairness, you get a high quality pedal with a lot of tonal abilities. The pedal is simple to use and lets you dial in some nice tones very easily. The additional low and fat boost make it a very versatile pedal. Due to its versatility I would recommend it for any kind of classic or modern rock. 

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