[review] T-Rex Reptile 2 - Delay (by DiscoFreq)

I sometimes get questions from visitors about the lack of reviews on my site, but I'm usually too busy with the site or not sure I can describe sound nuances in English the way I want to. When I was offered a chance to try the T-Rex Reptile 2 I couldn't say no, so last week I found a nice packet from Denmark on my desk.
It's my first real review and the timing was a bit difficult because I stored most of my gear for some renovations, but I managed to spend some "quality time" with the Reptile and a passive bass. Enough excuses? :)

Except for the Empress Super Delay (I use my Empress pedals mostly as creative studio tools because of all the possibilities they have, not just as "a delay", "a tremolo" or "a phaser"), I mostly use old BBD delay pedals (from the US, Japan, Poland) or tape delays (a later model Copycat is the only one that still works at the moment) because I didn't like the soulless repeats of the digital delays I owned.

That will probably change now, because this pedal kind of opened a new world for me (I promise I won't say that about every pedal ;)). You can blame that in part to my limited experience with modern delay pedals (I'm too busy with filters and dirt ;)), but still...

Here's what makes this a great pedal for me:


  1. The sound is really warm and "natural", even without the modulation

  2. The modulation (flutter) adds more than just a variation in the repeats, when used subtle it sounds like an old tape delay, with more depth or speed it's like adding a kind of reverb sometimes (which is after all a combination of echoes with a different delay time).

  3. The total absence of noise was really striking to me! Good delays came with noise for me...

  4. The separate controls for echo and direct signal (Level) are much more versatile than the blend knobs I'm used to.

  5. Tap tempo is not that special anymore, but a really good addition to the new version. The second switch on the old version allowed to switch the modulation on/off instead of the tap tempo, but I think I'll always use some modulation with this pedal, switching it on and off as you could do with the previous version is (IMHO) only useful when you use it with high settings for depth and speed.

  6. The new tone knob helps to bring the delay signal to the front (or back) or to mimic vintage sounds.

I'll try to add more experiences from local players soon (maybe a demo too?)! In the mean time your feedback (on this pedal and my first review) is very welcome on the Facebook page or the contact form of this site. Maybe more reviews will follow (probably starting on safer and better known territories like filters?) and your opinion and remarks might help...


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T-Rex Reptile 2


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