[review] T-Rex NeoComp (by LordRiffenstein)

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T-Rex Engineering has been around for a long time, making high quality pedals and accessories that can be found on pedalboards all over the world. In 2014 they launched a new range of smaller pedals. As usual with T-Rex, these pedals have a couple of extra features for you to explore.


So, another compression pedal from T-Rex? Their Comp-Nova is highly acclaimed and can be found on a lot of pedalboards. The Neocomp is not a copy and actually has an extra control. You get Gain, Comp, Attack and Release controls, all that you would need to fine-tune a compressor.

T-Rex NeoCompIn use

Throughout the years I have tried and owned a large number of compression pedals. They are not an effect as such but they do have an effect on your tone. I prefer compressor pedals to be transparent in tone, I don’t use heavy compression so I want them to have little impact on the EQ of my tone. The T-Rex Comp-Nova was always a compressor that I really liked so I had high expectations for the NeoComp.

Let me start by saying that the NeoComp is not the most transparent in tone.  If you keep your comp setting low, it doesn’t change the tone a lot, with higher comp settings it does color a bit. With that said, we can look at how it performs as an overall compressor. Maybe the transparent-craze is over, I don’t know, didn’t get a memo :-).

With the Attack and Release controls, you can dial in nicely how you want the compressor to react to your playing and the signal it gets. As there is no readout, you have to use your ears to dial in these 2 controls.  The comp control can be dialed in to give you up to a 9:1 ratio, this means that it can do those big pumping sounds but dial it back for a more subtle effect. With the comp low and the gain set way up, you can actually use the Neocomp as a nice clean boost.

Personally, the Neocomp wouldn’t be my 1st choice as compressor pedal, mainly because I prefer them to be totally transparent.  That said, if you are looking for a comp pedal that has many applications, the Neocomp is one to checkout. It has the controls to dial in the compressor just right, or maybe to learn how release, attack and comp interact. Either way, as a general purpose pedal or as another compressor option in the arsenal, it will deliver great results The Neocomp is a very good compressor pedal indeed.

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