[review] T-Rex Gull Wah - Triple Voice Wah (by LordRiffenstein)

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T-Rex Engineering has been around for a lot of time, making high quality pedals and accessories that can be found on pedalboards all over the world. They have now finally added a wah pedal to their extensive range of pedals. As usual with T-Rex, it has a couple of twists up its sleeve.

T-Rex Gull WahGull

Kudos to T-Rex for going for their own design and look (modeled after the vintage Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing in color and style, it even has the same knobs as the Gullwing's dashboard!). Too many wah-pedals look similar. The Gull is not too big and feels good under your foot. It has plenty of controls to tweak your sound. 1st of all, there's the little 3-way to choose between 2 different wah settings and the yoy-yoy setting. The there are 2 dials for the Boost and Scope. The last one allows you to set the size of the range of the wah, more or less sweep. The boost is a clean boost that can help the wah standout in the mix. Finally there's the Hotspot button that changes the range of the pedal.

In use

I'm a big fan of the wah pedal and own a couple of really nice ones. So I was very keen on hearing what T-Rex has come up. The Gull doesn't use an inductor like a standard wah but is making the sound via a system based on a magnetic field.

I will not say much about the yoy-yoy setting, it's not my thing but can sound cool sometimes. The 3-way gives you 2 different wah tones. According to T-Rex, one is better suited for clean playing and the other for use with gain. There is a noticeable difference between them so it's not just a marketing trick! The boost control has sufficient boost to give your amp/pedals a serious kick. The Slope feature is very interesting, you can drastically change the tone of the wah.

To be honest, after my 1st couple of tests, I did not really dig the Gull. I thought it sounded kinda trebly and shrill, even on the darker wah setting. I found some cool tones but overall, I was unimpressed. So I decided to stop dialing it in with my eyes but use my ears instead.

With some tweaking, I got some great tones and I found that I was using the pedal very differently. 1st of all, I was using the 2 different setting for different purposes. The cleaner setting sounds great for humbuckers guitars, both clean and with gain. The darker setting is killer with single coils. I found the best setting of the Slope was somewhere around 1:00-2:00, that worked best for my setup. I also must add that I do not like really dark wah tones so that's probably why this works well for me. I never really used the boost setting although it works really well with gain tone, to get that little bit extra! I tried the Hotspot switch but simply left it pushed in.

If you are looking for a wah that is a bit different than the standard options, you must give the T-Rex Gull a chance. It might take you a bit of time to dial in but you will get some great tones from it. The feature set is just right, not too complicated and makes it a very versatile wah. Add to that the typical T-Rex build quality and you are good for years of happy wacka-wacka!

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