[review] T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon (by LordRiffenstein)

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T-Rex Engineering has been around for a long time, making high quality pedals and accessories that can be found on pedalboards all over the world. Pedals obviously need power so T-Rex has the Fuel Tank series of power supplies to cover that.

T-Rex Fuel Tank ChameleonFueltank Chameleon

The Fuel Tank Chameleon is the jack-of-all-trades out of the series. It has 6 isolated, power outlets of which you can use 5 at the same time. The 9/12vDC outputs deliver 300mA, the 4th outlet can be switched to 18v and then it delivers 150mA.  The last outlet can be switched to 12vAC. The mains input can be switched between 115v or 230v so it can be used all over the world.  The package also has a number of power cables in different lengths, a daisy-chain and some special cables for Line6 or other pedals.

In use

Guitarists are weird sometimes. They often spend hundreds, even thousands of euros or dollars of their hard-earned money to buy pedals but when it comes to powering them, they go for the cheap solutions. Much like using el-cheapo cables, this somewhat pisses me off. Let me make this clear for once and for all: Good power is one of the most important parts to get consistently good tone!

When choosing the power supply for your board, you need to check the power requirements of your pedals. Not all power supplies offer different output voltages.  This is where the Chameleon comes in! It can handle a wide range of power requirements so you are safe for pretty much any pedal you have.

The Fuel Tank Chameleon is a small unit and with the different cable lengths, you can tuck it away on the board and wire it up nicely. There’s no on/off switch so plug in your mains cable and you are good to go.  Build quality, as with all T-Rex products, is excellent. I’m the happy user of a Fuel Tank Classic, it has served me well for many years without hiccups and the Chameleon is just as good.

Are you one of those guitarists using a cheap, noisy power supply or are you still using eco-unfriendly batteries? Shame on you! Before looking into another pedal, go out and buy yourself a good power supply! The T-Rex Fuel Tank series is highly recommended and the Chameleon version can handle bunch of different power requirements so this could be just the right one for your board!

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