[review] Spaceman Spacerocket (by LordRiffenstein)

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Spaceman is based in Portland, OR. They are a small company and hand-building their pedals using quality components.  Each pedal is built as a limited edition so you have to get them when they are available. Their current range has a boost, drive and fuzz pedal but that can change quickly.


The Spaceman pedals are always build in small numbers so their build quality is outstanding. The Spacerocket looks great and you got to dig the rocket’s flame lightning up depending on the input signal. The pedal has 3 controls: Level and Tone need no explanation. The little 3 way switch sets the amount of gain. A rotary control might be better for tweaking but this setup works nicely for the pedal.

Spaceman SpacerocketThe pedal in use

People who have read my reviews know that I’m not the biggest fuzz-fan. I love the sound but have problems making fuzz pedals sound good when I’m playing them. The Spacerocket has a couple of tricks up its sleeve and can give you a wide range of tones. The Level control has sufficient range to make this pedal work well in any situation.  I usually find that fuzz pedals need a certain volume to sound its best, the Spacerocket however sounded really good at low volume. The Tone control was a little puzzling in the beginning. At 1st I actually thought it was broken. Its range is very dependable on the setting of the fuzz switch. When you get used to the pedal, you will notice that it actually works just right for the different fuzz settings.

Out of the different tones, I thought the more out there stuff was pretty cool although not very useable for me.  The more compressed tones worked really well for crazy feedbacking fuzz fun. I would say that this pedal works best for lead lines and solos but you can create some wild sounds when playing chords. Trying the pedal with different guitars, I preferred it with single coils or lower output humbuckers. With a dual humbuckers guitar you can get a lot of mileage out of the pedal and the thick layers of fuzz it dishes out are a LOT of fun to play with.

The Spacerocket is one of the more ‘out there’ fuzz pedals and has a surprising amount of tones available. Keep an eye out on the Spaceman Effects page, they are releasing new stuff all the time and as they are all limited editions, you need to be fast to get one!! As with the Aphelion Overdrive that I reviewed earlier, the Spacerocket does something different and does it really well!!

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