[review] Rockett Pedals Josh Smith Dual Trem (by LordRiffenstein)

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Rockett Pedals

Rockett pedals was started in 2006 by Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rocket. Both were long time session musicians and they were not totally satisfied with what the pedal-market had to offer. So they started to design their own pedals, hoping that they would catch on. Their unique custom enclosures are eye-catchers!

Josh Smith Dual Trem

Josh Smith is an upcoming blues guitar player who has been working the road for many years. He has released several great albums and also works as a gun-for-hire doing high profile gigs.

The Josh Smith Dual Trem offers you 2 trem settings. Left and right side have the same controls. Both sides share a volume control. The pedal has 5 LEDs. Each side has a LED that visualizes the rate setting, it pulses to the rate/speed and each side has a LED to show you which side is on. Then there is the overall LED to show you that the pedal is on. Build quality is top notch and I love the unique enclosure!!

Rockett Pedals Josh Smith Dual TremThe pedal in use

For one of my bands, I needed a good trem pedal. Throughout the years, I had owned a couple but I had sold them. So I was looking around for something that fitted my wants. The JS Dual Trem is perfect for what I was looking for, 2 different trems and a volume control. Being a Josh Smith fan was icing on the cake so I bought one without even testing it!

And, it has not let me down. The Depth and Rate controls both have plenty of range to go from a real subtle pulse to a very big throb. Adding the volume control is sheer genius. Because of the nature of the effect, you always loose some volume with a trem pedal, the control lets you dial in some boost after the trem so your volume is evened out. I love this feature. Actually, the volume control adds sufficient output so you can actually use this pedal as a booster.

I have 2 very different settings dialed in. The left side has a slow rate and a slower depth setting, the right side has a higher rate and a higher depth setting. The pulsing LEDs make it very easy to dial in the trem speed. Sometimes, dialing a fast trem can be tricky, you need to get the depth setting right. No problems doing that with the JS Dual Trem!!

The Rockett pedals Josh Smith Dual Trem is again one of those pedals that I bought, put on the board to be kept on there. I can get the exact trem sounds I need, the volume control let me add just a touch of boost. The build quality is excellent.

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