[review] Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser (by LordRiffenstein)

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Red Witch

Red Witch pedals is based in a small town in New Zealand and started building pedals several years ago. They currently build 2 series of pedals. Their Premium Pedals is a range of 8 pedals, fuzz, modulation, delay  etc. The Deluxe Moon Phaser is part of this range. Their other range is known as the “Seven Sisters” and consists of 7 small, lithium-ion battery powered pedals ranging from comp and OD/fuzz to delay. Check out their excellent looking website for more info.

Deluxe Moon Phaser

The Deluxe Moon Phaser is an appealing package. Like all Red Witch pedals, the graphics and look of the pedal is spot on. There are 3 dials at your disposal for tweaking the sounds. First of all you have Velocity to control the speed. Trajectory controls the shape of the phase and you can use this to get a darker, deeper or a more shimmery effect. Finally you get Cosmology which is a 6-step rotary that gives you access to 6 sounds. There are 3 different phasers, 1 tremolo and 2 tremophase sounds. And there’s more because it has stereo outs to get a really big sound!

The pedal in use

I like a phaser sound but until a couple of years ago, never used it much. I tried some pedals and finally settled on one for my rack rig. A couple of months ago I received a trade offer for some pedals and this phaser was part of it.  I figured that I should give it a go as I was building a different pedalboard. It quickly took its place on the board and will probably never leave it.

It’s a good thing this pedal is intuitive because it’s hard to stop tweaking it. I started off with the phaser sounds because that’s what I wanted. There are 3 to choose from and already plenty of great tones to be had. I found a bunch of settings that sounded stunning! I couldn’t stop playing this pedal. This got me very curious about the tremolo and tremophase sounds so I switched to the tremolo.

The 2nd pedal I ever bought was a Tremolo pedal and probably over-used it for many years. The Deluxe Moon Phaser, although not a typical tremolo, rekindled my fondness for the tremolo sound. I don’t care if it sounds like the tremolo in old Fender amps or whatever, it just sounds great and I have been using it plenty to lay down textures in songs. Finally, the tremophase settings, I had no idea what to expect and at first wasn’t sure what this was.  Then I tweaked the Trajectory control and discovered a univibe-like sound. It doesn’t nail it but it sure as hell is close enough for rock ‘n’ roll!!

I wanted a good phaser pedal but never expected to end up with 3 absolutely brilliant modulation tones from this small package. I had to put up colored markers around the controls for the different combinations I want to use and am considering getting a bigger knob for the Velocity control so it’s easier to control with my foot. It will always have a prominent place on my board!

The Deluxe Moon Phaser has the perfect name! It’s a great phaser but it’s Deluxe because of the extra sounds and the killer tone will put you over the Moon!

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