[review] OGRE Kronomaster Delay (by LievenDV)

LievenDV sings and plays guitar in the Belgian band . He is a reverb nut and enjoys discovering innovating technology.

The Ogre Kronomaster Delay looks like a time traveler. Hence the name of the pedal of course. But literally; It has the shape of a futuristic helmet and its eye go shine haunting blue when you switch on the effect.

It looks sturdy and it feels heavy. That's because of its solid build quality.

The people at OGRE sure see it as a priority as the brand equips their pedals with a sliding door that covers the controls from any external influences. It all comes firmly fixed in a nice, stylish box as well.

OGRE Kronomaster DelayTime- Mix - Repeat

That's all there is to it actually.

Set your delay time, set the amount of "wet" and the number of repeats.

It's very easy to operate although some might have to coordinate a bit if you need your big hands to fiddle with that middle button.

The audio quality is pristine and very neutral. Ideal for those who want to add zero coloring to their sound and just get that delay going on.

For some it will lack "vibe". Many delays add a gimmick like lo-fi functionalities or extra delay options but the Kronomaster focuses on the basis of delay sounds. It sure will look badass on your pedal board but its sound is not the most inspiring of all delays.


Your gear needs to take a punch? you want to set and forget? You like the vibe of this design?  Well then this is a pedal for you. This one will be the last man standing in the worst spacetime-ripping blackhole crisis imaginable as its build quality and "cage" seems bulletproof. It won't be the perfect pedal for shoegazers or alternative experimenters as the parameters are basic and the character is very neutral.

It's not a huge pedal but it takes up some space. You'll certainly turn some heads with the looks of this time traveler. I didn't get wild of this pedal but i don't want to diss it as it scores good on its basics and its sturdy design. This pedal is more something for the "straightforward but with an ttitude" kind of player.

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