[review] Mooer Audio MPS1 Pitch Box - Harmony / Pitch Shift / Detune (by LordRiffenstein)

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Mooer is a Chinese company making a wide-range of product from musical instruments to audio equipment. They have a bunch of products that are inspired by existing stuff, we are looking at their Micro Series of pedals. Several of these pedals are based on well-known pedals but now available in small packages and in some cases with Mooer's own little twist.

Mooer Pitch BoxPitch Box

The layout of the Pitch Box couldn't be much simpler. 1 big dial to set the pitch, there are 16 different settings. Check the manual to see what they correspond with in the different fx. The fx can be selected with a 3-way switch. You get Harmony which adds the pitch shifted tone to the dry, Pitch Shift for only the pitch shifted sound and Detune. Detune adds a slightly shifted tone to the original, the range is between -40 and + 40 cents. The pedal is true bypass and has a 9v DC input.

The pedal in use

I do not use real pitch shifting a lot, actually, I almost never do, so testing this pedal was interesting. You can get some really wacky sounds out of it. And some real nasty stuff as well, if you don't know what you are doing!! The tracking in the Harmony and Pitch shift setting is ok. Obviously, this isn't going to replace your Eventide but it's not bad. It won't work as a tool to re-tune your guitar for an entire song, it doesn't handle that but it can do other stuff, works well for single note stuff and lead lines.

The Detune setting is more up my alley. I actually do use a small pitch shift on some occasions to create a pseudo-chorus effect. It has the same sound as chorus but without the wobble so this works well on gain tones. But I use it also on clean tones, it's nice to create synth-like sounds, doing volume swells etc. And it pleases me to report that the Pitch Box does a really nice job for this. With the Pitch dial set for +2, it adds a signal that is shifted 10 cents. This is in the right area of what a lot of studio players use. I tried this in a couple of situations and it works really well!! If you want to go all-out-eighties, you can put a chorus pedal after the Pitch box for some big tones.

The Detune setting alone makes this pedal worth its price, it really adds something to your tone without being too much as a chorus sometimes would. I'm not sure if there are many small pedals who do this so check out the Mooer Pitch Box!

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