[review] Mooer Audio MPH1 Ninety Orange - Analog Phaser (by Bieke)

Mooer Audio

There is no way around it. Mooer pedals have earned their spot in the mainstream market with an abundant line of affordable mini pedals. It is a well known fact that a lot of Mooer pedals are clones of classic circuits. The usual suspects such as Ibanez, Electro-Harmonix, Boss, MXR, Digitech, Fulltone, all have been given the Mooer treatment. Mooer offers a cost friendly alternative and makes gigworthy pedals, well worth checking out, even for the more demanding players.

Ninety Orange Analog Phaser is another obvious clone from Mooer. The Ninety Orange pedal is a phaser that replicates the classic MXR 90 phaser sounds.

Mooer Audio Ninety OrangeThe Looks

Orange casing of course, a single control for Rate and a mini toggle to switch between vintage and modern modes. You might have guessed already, the vintage mode is inspired after the vintage 1974 Script logo version, whereas the modern mode replicates the Block logo version. Status LED and true bypass switch. 9V, no battery.

The Sound

Not too shabby. The vintage mode produces a warm and deep phasing tone, whereas the modern mode has a faster sweep and some added gain.

This Ninety Orange pedal accurately emulates the sounds of the classic MXR pedals.

The Vintage mode does a perfect early Cure tone, does a half decent leslie sim on higher rate settings, sounds a bit "block logo" to me. The modern mode sounds a bit like the EVH version, yup, does that typical Van Halen sound.

Paired with a distortion pedal, the Orange Ninety produces a  bit of background noise.

The Verdict

Overall, a really nice clone of 2 classic phaser pedals in 1.

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