[review] Mooer Audio MOD1 Green Mile - Overdrive (by LordRiffenstein)

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Mooer Audio

Mooer is a Chinese company making a wide-range of product from musical instruments to audio equipment. They have a bunch of products that are inspired by existing stuff, we are looking at their Micro Series of pedals. Several of these pedals are based on well-known pedals but now available in small packages and in some cases with Mooer's own little twist.

Mooer Audio Green MileGreen Mile

There's no price for guessing which pedal the Green Mile is based on. Yes, it's another Tubescreamer but with a little twist. Most of the Micro series pedals share the same control set: 1 big dial and 2 smaller controls. The big dial on the Green Mile sets the gain, the 2 small dials the level and tone. The little twist here is the 2-way switch to choose between Warm or Hot. The pedal is true bypass and has a 9v DC input.

The pedal in use

Everybody needs a good TS pedal, right? So putting one in a very small box makes sense. It's not the most advanced pedal so it fits nicely in this box. Build quality looks to be ok. The small dials are not very easy to set so it might be a challenge if you want to make some quick changes during a song. I would also suggest to somehow mark these little dials better because it's hard to see where they are actually set.

I think most guitar players know what to expect from a Tubescreamer so I set all controls to 12:00, the little switch to warm and plugged in. 2 things I noticed: the range of the 2 small dials is a bit off, most of the changes happen in the 2nd part. And secondly, this pedal sounds really good. I mean, there are a lot of TS-copies and variations on the circuit out there, but when you have a good one, you can hear it and feel it. The Green Mile is definitely one of the good versions. It sounds great for bluesy tones but also works well to boost another OD or crunchy amp.

Switching to the HOT setting on the 2-way, changes the pedal a lot. More output, more grit and a slightly stiffer feel. In my opinion, you can't just switch between Warm and Hot but both settings are very useful! The Hot setting works better with the gain up for crunch tones. Or as a more "in your face" boost. As this setting retains the bottom end, it's great for boosting your amp for a heavier tone.

Like I said in the beginning, everybody has a use for a Tubescreamer. The Mooer Green Mile will get you 2 very usable flavors for the price of one. The price is good, the build quality is ok and it comes in a very small package so it doesn't take up to much real estate on your board. On top of that, you can get some excellent tones from it which makes this a real winner!

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