[review] Mooer Audio MFL1 Elec Lady - Flanger (by Bieke)

Mooer Audio

There is no way around it. Mooer pedals have earned their spot in the mainstream market with an abundant line of affordable  mini pedals. It is a well known fact that a lot of Mooer pedals are clones of classic circuits. The usual suspects such as Ibanez, Electro-Harmonix, Boss, MXR, Digitech, Fulltone, all have been given the Mooer treatment. Mooer offers a cost friendly alternative and makes gigworthy pedals, well worth checking out, even for the more demanding players. 

At the Musikmesse earlier this year, I was gazing at an impressive wall of Mooer pedals and I spotted a couple of new ones as well.  An astonishing variety of pedals, there is not a single effect imaginable or Mooer has something to offer. So I tried a bunch of Mooer pedals and here is a review.

As you might have guessed already, the Eleclady Classic Analog Flanger is Mooer's take on the classic Electro Harmonix design, the Electric Mistress Deluxe.

Mooer Audio Elec LadyThe Looks

In my opinion one of the best looking Mooers. Really looks like a midget Electric Mistress. It has mini pots for Color and Range and a standard control for Rate as well as a toggle to switch between flanger and filter matrix modes. Status LED, true bypass switch and it runs of a Boss-style 9V adapter.

The Sounds

In my opinion, the Eleclady is also one of the best sounding Mooer modulation effects, especially at moderate settings it produces a warm chorus effect and with the color and rate you can easily obtain that metallic flanging effect, just like the original can. Even though it sounds not as lush and analog as the Electro Harmonix pedal, it does sound very convincing and even a bit more stable and easier to dial in. The effect blends well with a clean signal. The Eleclady is not all that when paired with a with distorted signal, it just works best for cleans, nonetheless when paired with a dirty tone, it is capable of producing some nice swooshes as well as a jet flanging effect. As the Eleclady is a faithful clone of the Electric Mistress, as it even has a couple of the less desirable side effects of the original. There is a noticeable volume drop and a bit of background oscillation noise at high Color settings. But it nails the sound of the big box Mistress. Nicely. 

Also the Filter Matrix mode sounds pretty identical to the Deluxe Electric Mistress. In this mode, the Rate control is deactivated and by tweaking the Range and Color you get a kind of frozen flanging effect, very chimey.

The Verdict

A really cool little flanger, does the classic seventies flanging as we as eighties Police-Andy Summers style chorus sound perfectly.

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