[review] Mooer Audio MBD1 Blues Crab - Blues Drive (by LordRiffenstein)

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Mooer is a Chinese company making a wide-range of product from musical instruments to audio equipment. They have a bunch of products that are inspired by existing stuff, we are looking at their Micro Series of pedals. Several of these pedals are based on well-known pedals but now available in small packages and in some cases with Mooer's own little twist.

Mooer Blues CrabBlues Crab

This is another pedal that is based on an existing pedal. Check the colors and lettering to figure out which one!! The Blues Crab has 3 controls, a big gain control and 2 smaller controls for level and tone. The pedal has true bypass and can only be powered via a power supply. Mooer says to not go higher than 12v on this pedal.

The pedal in use

My first test of this pedal was by putting it in front of an already crunchy amp. The pedal it is based on is well known as an excellent booster pedal so I wanted to see what's what. As with the Green Mile, it takes careful tweaking of the small controls. The level control really starts working above 12:00, same with the tone control. There is not a big change on the tone control, it's there to refine the base color of the tone rather than providing a big tonal change. Unity gain on the level control is somewhere just above 12:00. I tried the Blues Crab in front of a low and medium gain setting. In both cases it worked really well, it has a certain clarity that works well when boosting an amp. It makes the tone more dynamic and doesn't muddy up. I really enjoyed keeping it on all the time and using the guitar's volume control for different tones.

A couple of days later, I was doing some more pedal testing and I was running them into a clean amp. I had the Blues Crab in the signal path to boost some other pedals. At one point, I only had the Blues Crab on and was really surprised about the tone I was getting. I had to check which amp I was plugged into because the Blues Crab was absolutely NAILING the glassy, low gain crunch of my '68 plexi. Granted, I was plugged into a '73 Marshall and they aren't miles apart but the Marshall was set clean and the Blues Crab get THAT tone. I swapped the order of my pedals and used the Blues Crab as a base tone, using some overdrives or boosters in front of it got me KILLER results. I couldn't stop playing. Obviously, I had to try the Blues Crab in front of some other amps and I can honestly say that it does deliver the plexi-tone perfectly. I wasn't expecting this and it blew me away!

The Mooer Blues Crab worked really well as a booster pedal, but it really surprised me when I, accidently, tried it as a stand-alone pedal. There are plenty of pedals out there claiming to be a plexi-in-a-box but the Blues Crab does it perfectly and for a stunning price. It takes no space on your pedalboard, you can keep it on all the time as your base tone and add spice with other pedals. Fantastic stuff!

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