[review] MI Effects Megalith Delta (by LordRiffenstein)

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MI Audio

This Australian company started back in 2002 with the highly regarded Tube Zone Overdrive and quickly expanded their range of pedals. A couple of years later they took on another venture and announced their own amp range. MI Audio became MI Effects and MI Amplification. The Megalith Delta is the crossover between the 2 sides of the company as it's based on the Megalith Beta amp. Check out their other pedals and amps, they have something for everybody, and then some!

Megalith Delta

The Megalith Delta has a very sleek look, black box, white lettering, nothing fancy. Nothing wrong with that, what happens inside is important. The pedal uses JFETs to get the gain it needs to simulate the high gain tones from the amp it's based on.  There are a total of 9 controls. Yes, it might seem daunting but no worries! Besides the obvious stuff, it has a 3 band EQ, a Contour control and a 3-way EQ-shift. Volume, Gain and the Bypass button don't need an explanation. The Boost button cannot be used separately, it can be added on top of the pedal when it's on. As always with MI Audio, build quality is top-notch!

MI Effects Megalith DeltaThe pedal in use

When I took the pedal out of its box, I scratched my head for a second. A high gain pedal with this many controls?? I wasn't going to bother with the manual so I hooked it up and plugged in. As always, I had the controls at 12:00 and I nearly sh!t my pants.  One loud pedal!!! I backed off the volume a tad and started exploring the controls. That was the plan but I started with the Contour control and played for at least an hour only changing that control.  Killer tones!! So then I tried the 3-way EQ Shift control. This time, I needed to make some adjustments with the onboard EQ. But again, all 3 positions resulted in some fantastic medium to high gain tones. Ah yes, do not expect low gain stuff from this pedal. That's not its intent and even with the gain control low, there's a good amount of crunch happening.

I was very impressed with this pedal and then I stepped on the boost button. I was literally laughing out loud because the result was pretty epic. I'm usually not a high gain riffer but damn this was fun FUN! The Boost doesn't just add gain, it also changes the tone and response. It's really 2 different tones and the amount of gain can get to silly levels.  The pedal stays tight though, even under the biggest assault!

I then tested the Megalith Delta with a couple of different amps and guitars and I am very happy to report that you will be able to find a wide range of huge tones. Tight low end, big fat and meaty tones, awesome crunch, it pulls it off with ease. The different EQ options are all very powerful, you can adapt to whatever amp you plug in and you can make even the thinnest guitar sound huge.

The Mi Audio Megalith Delta has really impressed me. It's the sort of pedal where you can discover a new killer tone on a daily base. If you are a rock-guitarist, then you really should look into buying one. You can find your tone with it and then plug it into whatever amp you have available and get your tone. It could be a live-safer in some situations. Megalith Delta, I salute you!! \m/ \m/

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