[review] Malekko Vibrato (by Bieke)

Malekko VibratoThe Malekko Vibrato is the all new analog Omicron pedal from Malekko. Featuring analog true pitch vibrato using the MN3007 BBD chip, the Malekko Vibrato gives an oldskool vibrato tone in a tiny pedal enclosure that is perfect for saving space on your pedal board.

Looks and controls

  • What a tiny pedal! Malekko calls it the space saving bantam enclosure, it’s made of aluminum though.
  • It’s yellow with a sparkly metal flake and white barcode screenprint.
  • There are 2 controls for speed and depth, creme knobs with black markers.
  • The Malekko does not take batteries, it will only operate with a 9VDC or 12VDC regulated Boss style power supply.
  • True Bypass switching, the switch is mounted on the circuit board, same with the controls.
  • Red status LED
  • In and outputs on the side
  • No manual (but it’s pretty easy to use, I think you can download a manual from the Malekko site)


Fab! This pedal is capable of subtle shimmer to awesome deep pitch bending and everywhere in between. It sounds fairly similar to the classic Boss VB-2.  There is no noticeable volume drop with the effect on. Low noise level. It also doesn’t color your sound, true pitch vibrato is what you get, no chorus or chimey side effect. It cuts the slightest amount of treble, which sounds really good with distortion.

Clean, it simply is a very lush vibrato effect, not artificial sounding, well unless you turn the speed all the way up, it sounds pretty organic and subtle. It sounds fuller, richer and has more headroom when it’s powered by a 12VDC power supply.


A lovely pedal with a giant sound in a tiny enclosure !

Subtle analog vibrato at its best,  great vintage tone when combined with distortion.

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