[review] Malekko Phase (by Bieke)

Malekko PhaseAnother fine addition to the Malekko Omicron series is this Phaser.

Sweet analog phase from vintage to modern and an internal control for frequency range make the Malekko Phaser an extremely versatile little analog 4 stage phaser.

Looks and controls

  • It’s incredibly small, casing of aluminum, undefined color, it’s not purple or pink, I’d say it’s fuchsia with a sparkly finish and white silkscreen.
  • True bypass switch and red status LED
  • No batteries, it runs off a standard Boss style 9VDC power supply.
  • 2 external controls:
    • Color adjusts the tone (phasing frequency) of the effect
    • Speed adjusts the speed of the modulation
  • Internal trimpot that controls the coarse frequency for the phase effect. Set all the way left will allow the lower frequencies to be phasing so it’ll sound bassier, all the way right allows more high end frequencies to pass, so it’ll sound treblier.


It’s hard to compare it to other phasers , it can do vintage and modern sounds, thin or thick phasing sounds, it’s never sterile or cold sounding, it chews, it swooshes, soundwise it fits in nicely between the EHX Small Stone and the MXR Phase 90.

There's a slightly noticeable volume drop (however, this depends on the trimpot setting, you can also obtain a volume boost) and there’s virtually no background noise, just a slight hint of swooshing (I could only hear it with distortion).

Color knob acts like a tone control, it provides a dark, more vintage tone with more bass, turned clockwise it will take on a bright, more modern sound with more treble. Playing around with the Speed control, it goes from nice slow phasing, all the way through to ultrafast phasing.

It works brilliantly for both rhythm and lead work, dirty or clean tones. I preferred the clean sounds, it adds just the right amount of grit that can be tamed with the tone control on the guitar. Cool feature.


An amazing variety of phaser sounds, and it’s such a small pedal. The inner trimpot adds a lot of tonal variations, a bit impractical that it is inside, so it’s not really something you can tweak on the fly.

It does the EVH distortion phasing, it does the vintage style clean watery phasing.

It is capable of doing quite a lot more. One tiny sized pedal fits all!

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