[review] Lovepedal OD Eleven (by LordRiffenstein)

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Lovepedal has now been around for many years. Supposedly, it all started when Sean Michael wanted a pedal he could take to jams and get a plexi-ish tone out of whatever amp was at his disposal. After a lot of trial and error, the Fab50 was born and that pedal cemented his name in the pedal business. Although some of their pedals are always available, the range is in constant movement. With the release of the Mini Line, they made the same killer tones available in smaller packages and came with modulation pedals etc.

OD Eleven

The OD-11 comes in a rather uninspiring gray box but as usual the build is solid. You have 4 controls to get your tones. They are all pretty straight forward. Level, Drive, Tone and Bass do not require an explanation. I’ve been trying to find out if where the bass control sits in the signal path but as long as it sounds good, it’s not really important, right? The OD-11 is only available for people who receive the Lovepedal newsletter so you better sign up on their website!!

The pedal in use

I’m not going to take part in any of the conspiracy theories about this pedal that you can read on some internet forums. I’m also not really interested whether or not this is 1-side of the AMP Eleven pedal. Sean made it available via the newsletter a couple of times and I thought about buying one every time but never did. Bart (DiscoFreq) from Effects Database did buy one so I was very curious to give it a spin.

I have a couple of other Lovepedal pedals and really like their line of pedals. Sean’s pedals always have some sort of twist, the OD-11 seems to be his most straightforward design so far. There’s something with the different Lovepedals that works for me and the OD-11 is no different. It’s one of those pedals where I wasn’t able to find a bad tone. The level control has plenty of range to use it as a boost but in the lower settings, it doesn’t collapse like others, it’s still dynamic. The drive gets you from a hair of gain to a medium-high crunch tones. It won’t give you a metal tone but with humbuckers you can get some classic heavy rock tones from it.

The Tone and Bass control work closely together, actually all 4 controls have a solid impact on the output at all time. In general I would say the OD-11 is on the brighter side of things but I never felt it sounded harsh. You can fine tune the tone with the 2 controls to get it just right. A tone I always find hard to pull off is a low gain, spanky almost clean tone, with plenty of treble but without being harsh. The OD-11 got me right there and with the neck/middle position on a strat, this is a very addictive tone to play with.

I took it with me to rehearsal and a gig and had it dialed in with a fairly moderate amount of gain and a little volume boost.  For several songs, I kept it on all the time as it worked equally well as standalone OD or boosting other pedals. Its dynamic range is great and it also loves to be boosted by other pedals.

The OD-11 has a number of applications and it shines in all of them. It might come in an uninspiring color but it delivers very inspiring tones for sure. For the price, this seems like a no-brainer so what was I thinking all these times it was available???

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