[review] Lovepedal Eternity Overdrive (by LordRiffenstein)

LordRiffenstein, all-around tone freak and purveyor of great tone.


Lovepedal has now been around for many years. Supposedly, it all started when Sean Michael wanted a pedal he could take to jams and get a plexi-ish tone out of whatever amp was at his disposal. After a lot of trial and error, the Fab50 was born and that pedal cemented his name in the pedal business. Although some of their pedals are always available, the range is in constant movement. With the release of the Mini Line, they made the same killer tones available in smaller packages and came with modulation pedals etc.


The Eternity is another pedal with a great twist. There are several versions of this one around, all based on the same layout with small changes for different tones. Some have more gain, some are smoother sounding etc. There are 3 controls, the ‘Fuse’ version, adds a 3-way toggle but I’m reviewing a different version. The Level and Drive controls don’t require an explanation, the twist in the design is the Glass control. This is not your typical tone control but a treble boost control. Turning this one up will not only get you more high end, it will also add a slight boost, change harmonic content. The Eternity can be run at higher voltage to get more headroom.

The pedal in use

After the COT50, the Eternity is probably the best selling pedal from LovePedal. I know why, it sounds so good, I actually own 2 of them. And they are both in constant use in different rigs. I have 2 different version, one is a Kanji-version, not sure about the other one though but I don’t care, both sound stellar. I have tried 2 more versions throughout the years and liked them equally well.

I find it hard to nail down why I love this pedal so much. It is fairly straight forward, the Glass control is different than your typical tone control but it’s easy to dial in. With the Glass low, the pedal sounds very smooth. Turn up the Glass and you will notice that there’s more high end, but also a change in the entire tonal range, the pedal opens up and gets a bit more gain. The Level control has plenty of output, it already has a nice boost going with the control at 10:30-11:00. The Gain control doesn’t have a massive amount but plenty for rocking out.

Lovepedal say that you are actually getting 3 pedals for the price of one. It’s obviously an overdrive but you can use it as a clean boost and even a treble boost. Tweaking the controls can get you a bit of all 3 and that’s how I am running mine. I use mine as a (lead) boost so it’s always running into an overdriven signal. I have used it with a clean amp as well and it works excellent as an overdrive. For me, as a lead boost, it totally nails what I want for lead/solo playing. I have the controls set so it gives me a bit of boost, adds a bit of gain and some treble boost. This gives me a big fat lead tone that cuts thru the mix easily and works equally well for single coils and humbuckers.

A pedal so nice, you buy it twice? Indeed, that’s what happened to me, I bought one after testing a friends Eternity and was always swapping it between pedalboards so I got another one. The 2 versions are slightly different, one has a bit more gain and sounds smoother/darker but both get me THE best lead boost I could ever want.

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