[review] Lovepedal COT-50 Church Of Tone Plexi (by LordRiffenstein)

LordRiffenstein, all-around tone freak and purveyor of great tone.


Lovepedal has now been around for many years. Supposedly, it all started when Sean Michael wanted a pedal he could take to jams and get a plexi-ish tone out of whatever amp was at his disposal. After a lot of trial and error, the Fab50 was born and that pedal cemented his name in the pedal business. Although some of their pedals are always available, the range is in constant movement. With the release of the Mini Line, they made the same killer tones available in smaller packages and came with modulation pedals etc.


The original Lovepedal, the FAB50, got renamed along the way and became the COT50 but the recipe hasn’t changed. 1 control is all you get (and all you need would some say). It’s not your typical control, it’s a gain, volume and tone control all rolled into one. At one end it will get you bright plexi-ish almost clean tones, at the other end you get fatter, bigger tones with a good amount of gain/saturation. There have been a number of different versions, adding tone and volume controls but the original, 1-knob model is where it’s at!

The pedal in use

I had heard a lot of good comments about the COT50 and a couple of years ago I bought a COT Gold. This had 3 controls and although it was not bad, I didn’t understand all the hype around the COT. Only when I got to try a 1-knob COT, I saw the light. This is one of those pedals that you can keep always on. However, I have also used it as a booster.

When running it as a booster, I keep the control around noon, this doesn’t add a lot of gain but it pushes the amp/pedals and it also adds dynamics. I have run it like this with a number of amps and in front of several pedals and it seems to really “gel” well with pretty much anything you throw at it.

Using the COT50 as a standalone overdrive or to get you a different base tone, the outcome will seriously change depending on your setup. It prefers amps that do not have a stiff response, it will however add dynamics to any amp. I love running this as a base tone with a touch of overdrive and run other pedals in front of it.

Where the COT50 totally excels is dynamics, if you don’t “ride” your volume control, you will be missing out on a LOT of great tones from this box. This doesn’t only work with just the pedal but your entire signal chain. Once you add it to your setup, the COT50 will bring the goods!

The FAB50/COT50 is what started it all for Sean Michael and it is clear why once you have plugged in. It sounds great on its own and will enhance your entire rig. And if you are suffering from lack of pedalboard space, check out the Amp50 from their Mini Line, smaller box, same killer outcome!

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