[review] Joyo Ironman JF-312 Pipebomb - Compressor (by LievenDV)

LievenDV sings and plays guitar in the Belgian band . He is a reverb nut and enjoys discovering innovating technology.

This tiny sized pedal won't leave a big footprint on your pedalboard and it won't set you back much. But is it worth even the small investment? For many, a compressor is an effect that is too subtle to invest in but it can certainly help you in sounding consistent. Especially for rhythm players or acoustic aficionado's a compressor is a useful tool in the box.

Joyo Pipe Bomb CompressorThis pedal has a few nice quirks like a lid to shield of the tiny knobs for the impact of your big feet. Whether it is to prevent breaking off knobs or for keeping you from altering your settings while stomping it, it sure channels you into a "set and forget" scenario.

The knobs are a bit small but they are usable enough because of their shape and color. With this small size, they allow you to have 4 controls: Volume, sensitivity, mix dry/wet and attack response time. (what should be more than enough options for such a small pedal)

You'll know when it's on; 2 obvious clear leds will tell you. That might be another reason to close the lid. When closed, the logo on the lid shines and that's a nice touch. I think the power input on the right side might be problematic for some plugs so I wonder if there went as much thinking in that as in the lid.

I was not overwhelmed by a "wow" feeling but this nifty pedal delivers for an interesting price. Among other Joyo pedals I've tried, this will probably remain my favorite because of the affordability of a compressor. It isn't to subtle nor is it squashy. It is usable, easy to use and, as mentioned, a typical set-and-forget pedal. People having doubts about buying one because they consider it a "later on" effect, could try this one. For what it's worth, it could be a Christmas present you -do- like. 

I enjoyed it most playing my acoustic guitar as it evens out my strumming and fingerpicking nicely. On my clean strat, it gave me a semi-convincing Sultans Of Swing feel.

Not fooled by the looks and price of this pedal, I notice it is actually well built and the switch construction looks solid. Given you will not keep the lid open all the time, it will not break.Joyo Pipebomb Compressor

Great for:

  • People wondering about compressor but not wanting to dish out $200
  • People with limited budget or pedalboard space

Better look for something else when:

  • Looking for pristine studio quality or radical new sounds

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