[review] Joyo Ironman JF-313 Old School - Overdrive (by rlm)

rlm is a Supersonic tone addict and plays in a melodic death metal band.

Will there ever come an end to the seemingly endlessly expanding Joyo Ironman series mini pedals range? There are currently 27 pedals available, from a tuner to overdrives, distortion pedals, boosters, to modulation and delay pedals. Joyo has every angle covered.

The majority of pedals are overdrives and distortions. Just like the next pedal I’ll be reviewing: the Old School distortion. The name says it all… This distortion pedal was designed to replicate old school classic rock tones. 

Like all the other pedals in the Iron Man series the Old School comes in a small black box which next to the pedal also includes a patch of velcro and a rubber strip that have been cut out to the size of the pedal. Once attached, the rubber strip will prevent the pedal from sliding all over the place when placed on the floor. The patch of velcro can be used if you want to put the pedal on your pedal board. The pedal itself has a black plastic cover to protect your settings while playing or moving the pedal. The logo will light up through the cover when the pedal is engage. And of course, this pedal is true bypass, just like the other pedals in the Ironman range. Since the pedal is quite small there is no room for a battery and a power supply is required. On the other hand, as it is so compact in size, it leaves space for more pedals on your board. 

Joyo Old School OverdriveThe Old School features 4 knobs to dial in your preferred tones: high, low, volume and gain. The “high”-knob allows you to add or take away treble. “Low” lets you fiddle with the amount of low end. Volume seems quite self-explanatory to me as well as gain. The gain ranges from a sparkly transparent overdrive to heavy distortion heaven. 

The EQ is easily tweakable and also highly responsive, which in addition to the wide range of gain settings, makes the Old School quite a versatile distortion pedal. 

As mentioned earlier on, the Old School was designed to replicate old school classic rock tones. Oh boy, does it deliver... I immediately fell in love with the crispy distorted tones generated by this little fellow. The pedal might be small in size, but the sound it delivers is huge! It adapts well to your playing style and is transparent. Single coils sound like single coils, humbuckers sound like humbuckers, regardless of the amount of gain you add. More than any other pedal in the range, I really found this to make your guitar sing, especially while playing leads.

Yet again Joyo convinced the world that it's not necessary to spend loads of money on decent gear.  This tiny pedal does exactly what it promises:  huge old school distorted classic rock tones. 

I would recommend it to beginners and experienced guitar players that are either looking for that old school rock tone or are in need of a good lead tone.

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