[review] Joyo Ironman JF-316 Future Chorus - Chorus (by rlm)

rlm is a Supersonic tone addict and plays in a melodic death metal band.

By now, JOYO is a rather well known manufacturer of effect pedals and many accessories for the modern musician. This Chinese company is adored by many due to the quality of the products they offer at reasonable pricing. Not that long ago, JOYO released a range of small effect pedals called the Ironman series. This series of mini pedals covers a whole range of overdrive, distortion, boost and modulation effects. One of their latest additions is the Future chorus.

As is the case with the other pedals in the range, the Future chorus takes little space on your pedal board. Since it's that small, there is no room for a battery and therefore a 9v power supply is required. Inside the box you'll find a patch of velcro and a rubber strip that have been cut out to the size of the pedal. Once attached, the rubber strip will prevent the pedal from sliding all over the place when placed on the floor. The patch of velcro can be used if you want to put the pedal on your pedal board. The pedal itself has a plastic cover to protect your settings while playing. The logo will light up on the cover when the pedal is active. And of course, this pedal is true bypass, just like the other pedals in the Ironman range.

Joyo Future ChorusThe future chorus is a very subtle chorus. There are three settings to mess around with: level (volume), depth and rate (speed). What strikes me once again is that it is so easy to dial in a good tone. Even with all the settings maxed out, the sound it produces is still useable. I praise the simplicity of this pedal. Just plug it in and after a few twists and turns on the knobs, you'll find a tone that suits your need. However, if you are expecting over the top chorus modulation, I recommend you avoid this pedal. As mentioned before, it is a subtle chorus.

The future chorus is ideal for players longing for that 80's ice cold, clean tone used in so many classic rock songs from that era. On the other hand it can also be used to warm up your clean tone when using heavy strings on high gain amplifiers. It might not be suited to add chorus to a distorted rhythm sound, but it definitely adds some vibe to your solos. This chorus also works well with acoustic guitars. 

As with other pedals in the Ironman series, the quality of this little chorus is outstanding. It's small and practical, it sounds great, it's built to last and it doesn't cost a fortune. If you don't need an over the top chorus that can do wacky tones, the Future chorus might be the pedal you need. 

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