[review] Hotone Audio Skyline series Octa (by LievenDV)

LievenDV is a reverb nut and enjoys discovering innovating technology. Besides that he's a singer/songwriter; solo and in a band.

The Hotone Octa is a true micro pedal that gives you the control over 2 extra octaves.

It has a tiny button that lets you toggle between "normal" and "dirty" mode.

The small buttons have a striped indicator that takes a minute to get used to but proves to be useful. You can read off the control quite easy from a distance. To help that, The 2 octave knobs are noctilucent (Hotone's professional way of saying: glow-in-the-dark :)).

The package comes in a box that is as protective as the pedal casing and the nice people of Hotone even included a strip of velcro and a bumper already cut to spec. The pedal itself has a little metal rail to protect the controls when you click the button with your foot.

This is the standard layout of Hotone pedals.

Hotone Audio OctaIn "Normal" mode, you can ad an octave below and an octave above. with the big translucent dial on top, you determine the level of your dry signal in the mix. So, you have 3 seperate pitches to mix and this goes suprisingly easy. Turning up that low octave and adding just a bit of that high gave me some organ-like sounds. Of course, adding a delay and especially a nice mushy reverb will make your organ effects sound cooler. You can add some weight and texture to your sound by adding just a little of low octave. The normal mode supports polyphonic processing so it handles chords without too much warbling artifacts.

Press the tiny "Dirty" button and the second knob doesn't give you an octave below but a second octave below. The darker voice of the tones gets noticeable and the polyphonic processing is replaced for single note processing to emulate classic octavers. The -2 octave adds a true rumble to your sound and if you turn up both knobs, the warbling gets quite stormy and dark. The darker voicing adds to the gloomy atmosphere and you easily drown in a sonic ocean. Useful for them sonic sea devils but to be used sparsely by modest landlubbers.

Because of its small footprint, you have no more excuse to keep an octaver off your board. Hotone focuses on the most used functions of pedals and pours them in these small but super strong bundles of fun. Just like other Hotone pedals, 95% of the time  would be using just the same functions here as on a more advanced, bigger and more expensive pedal. I wouldn't advice to use chords on the "Dirty" mode but who am I to stop you from trying.

Great for:

  • people looking for a basic and easy to use octaver
  • people with limited pedal board space.

Not your pedal if:

  • you are looking for on the more octaves or tone controls
  • you need ultraprecise processing without any warbles.

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