[review] Hotone Audio Skyline series Fury (by Bieke)

Hotone Audio Skyline Fury

One of the latest fads in the pedal industry is the miniaturization of pedals, there are now quite a few companies and brands who offer nano sized pedals – usually in 1590A casing - that pack the same features and controls as the “big” pedals.

Hotone Audio is a newcomer to the world of effects, and they made a remarkable entrance with their Skyline series, a line of 8 adorable little pedals that – even though I walked straight past and did not notice – actually did not go unnoticed at the Frankfurt Musikmesse earlier this year...

Hotone Audio Skyline series Fury FuzzThe Looks

Love it or hate it. Once you have seen it, you will not forget. These pedals have some sort of facial expression, a bit funny looking, nothing like your usual pedals.  Tiny too, these pedals measure 77mm long, 44mm high and 44mm mm wide, but they do feel solid, 200grams.

Tucked away in a black box sits the pink Fury, you get a small instruction card, 2 adhesive bottom pads, one foamy rubber, the other Velcro, and an adhesive label for the top control knob.

The pedal itself has a protected design, it is darn cute, with output and DC 9V jack on the left, input on the right, footswitch, tone and volume controls, creamy white knobs with black markers that look a bit like eyebrow, a Push button in the middle and a transparent speed knob on top to control the amount of fuzz. Also on the top panel, 2 status LEDs are fitted, if you put the adhesive label on the top surface of the knob, it appears as if the knob lights up.

Finally, a bracket is fitted on the front panel to avoid that you hit the controls when engaging the footswitch, I was a bit concerned, these pedals are so tiny, that it becomes a bit hard to hit the footswitch, I barely managed to do this by hovering my foot over the pedal and then stepping down.

This pedal really needs to be fixed onto a board to be able to step on it in a nonchalant manner (my preferred method of pedal abuse).

The Sounds

Hotone Audio promotes the Fury as a classic fuzz pedal for both guitar and bass.

It can create a smooth and powerful fuzzy tone, the PUSH button offers some kind of treble boost.

One thing it does not do is clean up with the guitars volume control, so it is probably a silicon fuzz, I did not peek inside, but I could not get decent cleans out of it when rolling back the guitar volume, Soundwise, it falls between a Tonebender and Fuzz Face, with the low end and midrange of the Tonebender and the fat, creamy character of the Fuzz Face. It can get really loud and wild, has plenty of sustain and a nice controllable feedback. And it is silent too, seems true bypass. The tone control gives a useful treble roll off and lets you retain low end.

Lots of useful sweet and smooth authentic fuzz tones can be had from this little Fury. It just does not do gated, velcro or splatter fuzz. It is better suited to produce those warm organic fuzz sounds.

Tonebender meets Fuzz Face is the best way to describe it.

The Verdict

This Fury is seriously one of the better sounding fuzz pedals I have tried lately.

You do not need to go vintage or boutique to get a good fuzz.

Impressive little pedal.

Can I keep it ?

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