[review] Gough Electronics Filtron Pro Wah (by LordRiffenstein)

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Gough Electronics

Finding info about the company behind this pedal wasn't easy. They are located in England and the Filtron Pro Wah is their only music related item. They are only selling it on eBay so check there from time to time if you interested in buying one.

Filtron Pro Wah

The people from Gough Electronics can explain much better than me what is going on with the pedal so below is their description of the pedal:

“It is a bandpass type filter with variable resonance (Peak) and has Envelope control mode, Amplitude triggered mode and Auto Wah mode. The modulation for the auto wah can be triangle wave, square wave, upward ramp, downward ramp and random steps. There is also a manual setting to allow the filter to be tuned by hand. Triangle wave modulation can be added to the envelope mode if required, or turned off by rotating the 'Rate' control fully counter clock wise.”

Clearly, there is a lot going on in a small package.

The pedal in use

I always thought filter pedals were not really for me as I associated them with wacky sounds. Of course, I have used auto-wahs before and they are basically a filter pedal but there are some very wacky options out there.

The Filtron Pro has a pretty basic build but I’m pretty sure a lot more thinking went into the sound than the look. And I like a good looking pedal as much as the next guy but sound is the most important part, right?

The Mode control is the most important one obviously. It’s weird because it’s just a simple pot that you can turn and although the different types of filter are clearly marked, you CAN land in between 2 types and end up with some interesting sounds. When testing, I did not look for specific sounds but simply explored them all and, much to my surprise, found a whole lot of great sounding and very inspiring tones. The Peak and range controls are very easy to dial in and get just right. I often find auto-wahs to only sound good with single coils or humbuckers but the Filtron Pro allows you to quickly dial in the right setting.  By simply fiddling the controls and using my ears, I was able to get a bunch of very recognizable tones from it, I loved going very funky with it!

So I asked Bart (aka "DiscoFreq") from EffectsDatabase how he got this pedal and he bought it on Ebay. It wasn’t expensive at all. So clearly, this is a pedal that will fly under the radar because it’s cheap, unknown and the build is very basic. But you would be wrong in dismissing it.

Sitting here writing this review, I’m wondering if it would be worth getting one. I don’t expect I’d be using it a lot but the cheer amount of great tones you can get from it and the excellent price point makes it an ideal pedal to have on the shelf for that moment when the inspiration hits you.

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