[review] Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight - Cocked Talking Wah (by Tim)

Tim plays guitar in Left Passage and Endtime Odyssey.
He also teaches guitar at FullFlavour.


The EHX Cock Fight is what is called a “static wah”, meaning you have a regular wah pedal stuck at a certain frequency. You can of course change this sound by turning the freq. knob on the pedal. In total there are two way modes, called “cry” (more like a regular wah) and “talk” (which sounds a bit like a voice box). As an added bonus you also get a built-in fuzz in the pedal, which can be put pre-signal or post, which gives you more sounds to play with. The biggest feature in my opinion is the fact that you get the option to use an expression pedal as well, which turns the pedal into a regular wah. I do recommend this to get the maximum potential out of the Cock Fight. The pedal comes in a big box with a complimentary DC Adapter, but you can also put this on your pedalboard with any 9V power supply in liking to a Boss pedal.

Electro-Harmonix Cock FightSounds

Overall this pedal sounds great; you get many options because of the built in fuzz and ages of fun switching between the “cry” and “talk” modes. If you’re wondering how to play the intro to Bon Jovi’s Living on a prayer or It’s My Life, this pedal is your answer. It might sound a bit cheesy to some guitarists, but there’s a lot of potential here. Of course, even if Bon Jovi isn’t your thing, you still have the regular wah sound with the “cry” mode, and it sounds pretty good to be honest. Comparing it to an old favorite like the Boss CGB doesn’t seem fair however, since the Cock Fight was made for so much more than that.

The fuzz in and of itself is pretty good, although sometimes the wah tends to get lost in the buzz. By dialing back the Bias or Drive you can eliminate that tone kill. The great thing is that you also get a tone dial, which enables you to darken or brighten your sound as well, a must-have in any pedal featuring fuzz.


With the two toggle switches and the frequency, tone and drive dials on top of the pedal you can create endless wah sounds with the Cock Fight. The fuzz sounds pretty decent, but you might consider picking up another fuzz or overdrive to go with the pedal and put it either in front or in back as both would sound great. The “talk” mode is incredible and really caught me off guard; however it isn’t for everyone. The pedal also has a very nice and fun finish: as you engage the pedal the right eye of the cock will light up; like it’s telling you shit’s going to go down. Overall at its price point I believe there’s nothing like it and I do recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a cool eighties sound or just a different kind of way than what everyone is used to. An expression pedal is advised!

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