[review] DigiTech HardWire Supernatural - Ambient Verb (by LievenDV)

LievenDV is a reverb nut and enjoys discovering innovating technology. Besides that he's a singer/songwriter; solo and in a band.

Digitech continues the concept of loading 7 sounds in one pedal. Select a model and tweak the mix, liveliness and decay and you're off.

Basically, the 7 models form a mix of old classics and some new ideas.

DigiTech HardWire SupernaturalIf you like to introduce a psychedelic touch or some fresh soundscaping layers in your song, you might want to check these. Shimmer effects have been very popular among reverb lovers and this pedal features one that you can compare with the more expensive brands.

The plate reverb will pretty much work every time you'd like to add some reverb and the spring reverb is everything you would expect from a solid, decent but not exceptional reverb. The newer ideas add hints of modulation like phaser, chorus, flanging and some pitch shifting. These "ideas" sound quite specific so I wouldn't call them subtle. Of course, your mix setting will determine how subtle -you- want it and I noticed that this pedal gets very interesting when it follows up on a basic delay. Especially the newer sounds were valuable in this setup. While the classic sounds did a good job without a delay in front of it, the combo with the newer ideas will please the more experimental of nature.

The overall sound quality is good. I am no analog purist; I don't care how sound is created but I care for the sound itself. On top of that, I'm a reverb nut.

Given those facts, I can state that I wasn't blown away by this pedal but it offers some cool new sound for a fair price. I used it on an electro acoustic and an electric guitar. I can imagine this pedal would be a valuable too to spice up any instrument. 

The stylish elan created by the colors and the font sure is very similar to other brands' designs. The blue led stands out and looks a bit odd on this pedal though. Does that matter much? No; it's very clear so you'll know it's on. The case is really sturdy; this pedal is made for gigging. The knob to select the reverb model works a bit odd; you can put it in between settings and it doesn't change. When you turn it all the way through to the next model, it takes a short while to change sounds. No showstoppers but noticeable properties.DigiTech HardWire Supernatural

The pedal comes with some handy bits like a fluorescent strip (to mark your settings in the dark) and a kind of brace to protect your knobs, in order to keep from messing up your settings mid-gig.

Great for:

  • Explorers, soundscapers, musicians who want to put something fresh in their tracks
  • Experimenting at home while going classic at gigs, with one pedal

Look elsewhere when:

  • You are very conservative about vintage sounds and analog sounds
  • You want to set (pre)delay time and other specific parameters

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