[review] Diamond Fireburst (by LordRiffenstein)

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The team from Diamond builds their pedals in the Halifax-region in Canada. They have been around for several years now and have established a pretty big range of products. They started of building overdrive pedals but have now expanded the range to include delay, compressor and modulation pedals as well. We´re looking at the Fireburst in this review, a fuzz/distortion pedal but check out their entire range!

Diamond FireburstFireburst

The Fireburst comes in a nicely matching orange Hammond-style case and has some interesting twists. Besides the typical Gain and Volume controls, you will also find a Bass and Treble control. These 2 controls are active and have a great range. They are post-distortion so their impact isn´t just tonally, being cut/boost controls there´s a lot to work with. To takes things another step up, Diamond have added a mid-boost switch. This allows you to switch between a distortion tone or a deep fuzz giving you 2 distinctive tones in 1 box. The build quality of the pedal is top-notch!

The pedal in use

Previous encounters with Diamond pedals taught me that they are always well thought out and deliver a lot of useful tones. I plugged my telecaster into the Fireburst and then into my old Marshall set clean. I set all controls at 12:00 and immediately got a good tone. The output was a bit above unity gain which worked well with the amp. The gain at halfway got me a great fat distortion tone, even with the tele’s single coil. I love to control my tone from the guitar and a lot of distortion pedals do not handle this well. The Fireburst had no problems with this and I was able to dial in a number of excellent tones from the guitar controles.

Swapping between different guitars, single coils vs humbuckers, the tone controls came in handy. There’s plenty of range on them to fine tune your tone. One of the best tones I found was with a LP, on the bridge humbuckers, with the Fireburst set for a little boost and with the gain around 11:00. The Treble control allowed me to add some punch to the thick distortion sound. Sounded killer!!

And then you step on the Midboost switch and you get another set of great tones. The Fireburst gets a more fuzz-like character, very similar to those big fuzz tones from the seventies. And a lot more!! With careful tweaking of the controls, particularly gain and bass, you can get 2 instant great tones from this box. In either setting, you can actually use the Fireburst as a boost pedal, there’s enough output on tap!

The Diamond Fireburst is not your typical distortion pedal and will deliver way more than you would expect. It’s not a subtle pedal but who would expect that from a distortion box? You are basically getting a boost, a distortion pedal and a fuzz, so what’s there not to like about it??

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