[review] Deaf Audio Little Voodoo Fuzz (by Bieke)

Little Voodoo Fuzz

Deaf Audio started out in 2008 as a small boutique pedal company that is ran by Magnus Nordbye from Hamar in Norway. Starting out with building custom pedals, Deaf Audio offers a small product line of guitar effect pedals for the demanding musician.

The Looks

Yup, definitely small, this Little Voodoo is a 60s style fuzz pedal inspired by the legendary Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face is housed in the trendy small 1590A casing. But it feels and looks solid, with a single knob, aptly labeled fuzz, a comfy footswitch, copper finish, classy, plastic jacks on the side and the familiar Boss style 9V adapter plug on top. No status LED.

Deaf Audio Little Voodoo FuzzThe Sounds

It features low-gain silicon transistors for a smooth fuzztone that retains low end nicely, There are plenty of pedals based on the Fuzz Face, but the Little Voodoo has a couple of nifty functions hidden inside. The external controls is to dial in the fuzz, which comes alive around 12 o'clock, but inside you will find  volume and bias controls, to adjust the overall output of the pedal and the voltage going to the transistors. The bias pot can be set to starving, sputter or gritty fuzz textures, the further up, it will go into smooth  fuzz territory.

Furthermore, there's a switchable input buffer inside, which is quite useful  if you decide to use a wah wah pedal in front of the fuzz.

This makes the Little Voodoo into a versatile and practical fuzz. Personally, I thought it had little character in low fuzz setting, sounded a bit thin, but a fat fuzz once you turn the dial clockwise, well it's a straightforward fuzz sound, loud and distinctive, I liked it best with the dial all the way up.

That's where the fuzz is.

The verdict

When you think of it, that's quite a nice set of features in such a small pedal, true bypass, input buffer switch, the inner bias and level controls,  to tweak the character and output volume to taste and the ever so important fuzz control that will give you the sound that most demanding musician all appreciateā€¦ sixties fuzz.

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