[review] D*A*M Meathead - Silicon Fuzz Machine (by LordRiffenstein)

LordRiffenstein, all-around tone freak and purveyor of great tone.


D*A*M, aka Differential Audio Manifestationz has been around since 2004 and operates out of South Yorkshire, England.  The team of 2 are hand building the pedals with an eye for the environment. The majority of their pedal range consists of fuzz pedals of all sorts but they also have the odd booster or drive.


Not everybody knows how to use a fuzz, according to some it takes a rather manly player to make it happen. This Meathead takes that up a notch because it comes in a baby-pink paintjob. You’ll need balls to show up with this at your next rehearsal or jam!! The Meathead only has 1 control: Dirt. Turn up for more saturation and volume, turn down for less of both. Easy-peasy! This is a Silicon-based fuzz, if you want Germanium or even hybrid, look at the other pedals in the DAM-range.

The pedal in use

I know that the DAM pedals get a lot of praise. This was my 1st encounter with one of their pedals so my expectations were high. I’m not the biggest fuzz-nut in the world so I was very curious how I would get along with this. I am a true meathead though so that should be ok!!

I used my typical test-setup of telecaster and old Marshall set with an edge of breakup. The Meathead doesn’t have a LED but you will know when it is ON!! Dirt control at 12:00 and ready to rawk. And rawk it does perfectly. Thick and woody, big fat tones with a lot of saturation and plenty of output. What I really loved about the Meathead was its dynamics and how balanced it sounds. I liked it equally well with the neck as the bridge pickup on the telecaster. So with just 1 control, your pickup switch and volume control, there are plenty of great tones to be had from this little box.

Expanding my tests I plugged in a Les Paul and was in for a surprise. I never found a fuzz box that sounds fat with a bridge humbuckers while not getting muddy with the neck humbuckers. The Meathead pulls that of though. I really loved rolling the volume off on the bridge humbuckers for rhythm tones and then switching to the neck for big bold lead tones. And of course, with the Dirt control turned up, you can get great, musical, feedback.

Finally, I plugged a SSH-loaded strat into the Meathead and then into my 50w plexi. With the plexi already cooking up a good crunch tone, the Meathead got me any tone from almost clean to silly-saturated fatness. The strat has medium output pickups and I wasn’t expecting the bridge humbucker to clean up as good as it did. I added a vibe to the signal chain and went to Hendrix-town!!

The DAM Meathead delivers exactly what their website says. I think it sounds stellar and I don’t mind the funky color scheme at all (currently it comes in almost baby-blue!). It’s another pedal that goes on my wish list. A modern classic? I think it is!

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