[review] D*A*M FUZZrong (by LievenDV)

LievenDV is a reverb nut and enjoys discovering innovating technology. Besides that he's a singer/songwriter; solo and in a band.

The Fuzzrong is a straightforward and stable fuzz for players that want a warm fuzz that doesn't sputter or makes you cringe of odd high frequencies. This fuzz will keep you warm all night and David & Linzi at D*A*M know this.

The controls are really simple and that saves you some time for playing. Don't go to their website for more info though. I kind of got lost seeing all kinds of look-alike pedals without spotting this exact Fuzzrong pedal. No big deal. The depth knobs seems to boost the lower frequencies to bring a more ballsy sound.

D*A*M FUZZrongBasically I was tuning my sound on only 2 factors; first I found a balance between guitar volume and the level knob. (You know fuzzes often sound very different when you manipulate the guitar volume. Second part was finding an ideal combination of pickup selection and depth setting. I found something ballsy yet articulated enough on several settings though, compensating bridge pickup bite with low end growl on the pedal or vice versa.

Even though you can get sounds that seem to mix a little high gain distortion in the fuzz sound, you'll mostly stay in the warm, controlled and surprisingly comfortable region of sounds. A downside are perhaps that it only operates on a 9v that's only reachable by screwing it open. It probably has to do with reversed polarity of germanium transistors. Next to that, it takes up quite some pedalboard space for a 2-knob fuzz pedal.These downsides don't take away any of the fun though.

This pedal is a workhorse for your tone. You find a suitable sound immediately and you will catch yourself playing on that same setting for half an hour without touching the controls. You will be busy punching out long chord hits or staccato chugging whilst thinking "this could be my basic, go-to rhythm sound". Usable? yes, but don't expect any frills. perhaps the extreme settings might raise an eyebrow but you'd feel it's just more of the same that needs to be EQ'ed.D*A*M FUZZrong

My fondest memory of this pedal will be...You know how other fuzz pedals can sound so..."fizzy" without a solid base or buzzing without a growl?

This one mixes it up just right for you without getting to exotic. Just like the best vanilla ice cream in town.

Perfect for: Plug n' play players looking for a stable and warm fuzz to add some "cream" to their sound.

Rather not for: Tweakers of fuzz sounds, tamers of rodeo fuzzes, craving for the excitement of -that- unstable edge

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