[review] D*A*M Ezekiel 25:17 - Low Frequency Distortion Generator (by LievenDV)

LievenDV sings and plays guitar in the Belgian band . He is a reverb nut and enjoys discovering innovating technology.


David A Main and Linzi Haynes make up D*A*M. I'm sure his own initials made up the brand name but they turned it into "Differential Audio Manifestationz".

They bring back the iconic Ezekiel in this new and massive iteration.

"Massive" is the word, as it hogs a massive amount of pedalboard real estate. Much has to do with the reorganization of the controls and the combination of different circuits in this pedal I suppose.

Massive distortion

The main feature of this pedal is that the big red "distortion" dial makes you select between a germanium, silicon, diode circuit. As a fnal option, you could just bypass those to get a distorted tone without any artifacts.

Each type has its own right to be there and has a particular character. They differ enough to co-exist and wrapping them in one, big enclosure gives you a lot to work with.

The germanium one is the least brutal and if I add a gentle amount to my sound, it reminds me of a tweed amp that has a fair amount of soft clipping. In other words; an organic edge and none of the harshness. Think that typical Hendrix mixed rhythm and leads in the more gentle songs like "Wind Cries Mary" etc. I associate classic sounds, organic ponderings and all that jazz.

If you want your sound to be more of a direct slap in the face, you'll up the blend and switch to the next circuit, the silicon mode. This one has a modern flair to it, making you want to play riffs by the Black Keys or similar. Although it had less dynamics to my ear, it sure compensated with that grease that many of you out there like so much. You could take "grease" quite literal; like the D.A.M. Greasebox or Fuzzrong for instance. 

Throw in some more gain with the LED clipping path and I think that you will find the sounds of those that have outgrown their old SD-1 decades ago but saw it mature in here. Classic distortion tones are found in the "Bypass" mode. To me, it had the least typical character although it has, just like the other 3, a very usable sound.D*A*M Ezekiel

Fiddling with levels.

Picking a different distortiontypes will make you notice that you will need to get fiddling with the level and the blend controls.

As the silicon mode is kind of a brute in comparison with the germanium one, you will need to set the level again. When you use the blend control to dial in the right amount of distorted signal with your clean one, you will need to adjust the level too.

But DOES it blend?

Yes, it sure does. The blend control on this pedal proves to be very useful. You get an excellent control of the amount of clean versus distorted and without being the "on top of eachother" sound. You get to tune the exact amount you like. I found it very useful to find my favorite sweet spots on every channel.


  • Pro: Solid quality workbench that gives you all you need to cook up your favorite distortion sound, whether it be on bass or regular guitar.
  • Con: Switching distortion modes forces you to reorganize the level and possibly the blend settings.

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