[review] Bearfoot FX Model H (4 knob model) (by LordRiffenstein)

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Bearfoot FX

BearFoot is a collaboration between BJFelectronics and DonnerBox to produce some of Bjorn Juhls best designs. These guys really need no introduction, Bjorn Juhl has been building amazing pedals for years and Donnerbox has been around for a long time creating funky boxes. The news of these guys teaming up to recreate the amazing BJFE pedals, at a lower price and in bigger numbers, got the anticipation levels of many pedal lovers WAY up. I got 3 more pedals from them to try out, each one a different take on one of the pedals I tried before. So let's look at the 4-knob version of the Model H!

Bearfoot FX Model HModel H – 4 Knob-version

The 3-knob version came in a great looking paintjob and the 4-knob version is no different. This one has a nice sparkle finish.Like the 3K-version, we have volume and drive and that interesting 3 rd control. Not just an EQ but it also changes the head room and the feel of the pedal. The 4 th control is a treble control that lets you dial in the amount of treble on top of the EQ you have set. Like the Dyna Red, this pedal can be run at alternative voltages, anything between 8v and 12v works!

The pedal in use

The original Model H really surprised me. I didn't know what to expect from "pissed-of-Hiwatt" tones but I really liked what I got out of the pedal. To be honest, I did not feel the need for the extra treble control because the 3K-version really fitted the rig I was testing it with. I can understand why some would like the additional control.

I tried the 4K-version with different amps and guitars and it's still able of delivering really great rock tones. There was something about it though. Somehow, I never felt that the 4K-version nailed the tones like the 3K-version did. It wasn't just a tonal thing but also the feel seemed slightly different. Don't get me wrong, this is still a kick ass rocking pedal. I did find the treble control very useful when swapping between a telecaster and a big fat sounding ES335. It's nice to dial up a bit more treble to fit the ES335-tones.

The original recipe nailed the dish IMHO and the changes on the 4K-version make this pedal just fall short of the original. If I had never heard the 3K-version, I would still have absolutely loved the Model H. It's still a kick-ass pedal and I absolutely loved rocking out with it. I love that it retains the character of your guitar, is responsive to your playing, yet holds its own tone regardless of the amp you plug it in. It has its own sonic footprint and I happen to love that footprint. The 4K wasn't a disappointment but merely proof for me that I should be getting the Model H 3K. I held off getting one because I knew about the 4K-version, now I know the 3K is the one to get.

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