[review] Bearfoot FX Dyna Red Hot Distortion (by LordRiffenstein)

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Bearfoot FX

BearFoot is a collaboration between BJFelectronics and DonnerBox to produce some of Bjorn Juhls best designs. These guys really need no introduction, Bjorn Juhl has been building amazing pedals for years and Donnerbox has been around for a long time creating funky boxes. The news of these guys teaming up to recreate the amazing BJFE pedals, at a lower price and in bigger numbers, got the anticipation levels of many pedal lovers WAY up. I got 3 more pedals from them to try out, each one a different take on one of the pedals I tried before. So let's look at the Dyna Red Hot Distortion.

Bearfoot FX Dyna Red Hot DistortionDyna Red Hot Distortion

The Dyna Red Hot distortion has a nice red paint job and 3 controls. Volume and distortion need no explanation, the 3rd control again is an EQ control but not as you know it as it has the most impact on your high end. Fairly straightforward and that is often the right way! The Dyna Red Hot can be run with anything from 5v (more saturation) up to 15v (more headroom, tighter response) so don't forget to check this out for extra tones.

The pedal in use

The Dyna Red more or less nailed the ‘Marshall-in-a-box' in my opinion. It has a wide gain range and can get you anything from plexi-ish tones to bigger, more gained out tones of later Marshall amps.

When I heard about the Dyna Red Hot, I was thinking “Why?”. Do you really need a hotter version of a great pedal that already has plenty of gain? So why need more? Well let me tell you, sometimes, more is just, MORE!

When I plugged this one in I thought, hotrodded Marshall sound, let's grab a superstrat and see what's what. There's plenty of gain but also a bit more sizzle going on. This is a good thing because the Red Hot retains the touch-responsiveness of the Dyna Red and the added sizzle means that you can dial back from the big gain tones without muddying up your sound. I also really dig how this pedal retains it's 'focus' on all gain settings. High gain pedals often loose 'something' when you roll back the volume control on the guitar, the Red Hot keeps that kick-in-the-nuts quality. Between a superstrat and a LP, I had many hours of fun kicking out some rock n roll riffs.

Comparing the 2 versions, I would say both cover the same middle ground, the Dyna Red also covers the early sixties Marshall tones where the Red Hot covers the higher gain sounds of more recent models. Both can get great medium gain sounds though so choosing between the 2 really comes down to your hair-metal-factor!

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