[review] Analog Man CompROSSor (by LordRiffenstein)

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Analog Man

I guess Analog Man doesn’t really need an introduction.  They started out doing modifications and have since grown a lot. Analog Man is still doing plenty of modifications but now have their own extended range of pedals. From fuzz and overdrive pedals to compressors and modulation, it’s all there. From their webshop, you can also buy a selection of other brands so check it out!

3-knob Comprossor

The full name of this pedal is actually the 3-knob small compressor and it’s part of range of 6 different compression pedals that Analog Man makes. The Comprossor is based on the old Ross compressor. This one comes in a small box and has sustain, volume and attack controls. I love the bare-to-the-bones look of these pedals. It can be run at 12v for more headroom.

The pedal in use

I have been using the same compressor for years. Since I bought it, I tried a bunch of others but have yet to find one that I like more to replace it. I like subtle compression and it needs to be transparent. Some compression pedals do subtle but change the tone a lot, some add a high end sheen that’s nice for some tones but not for everything etc.

I heard an Analog Man compressor pedal years ago and thought it was ok but not my thing. I also remember that it did NOT like high output pickups. Not sure which version that was though. So I got this one to test and did some initial testing at home. And I was getting good results, I immediately liked it more than what I remembered from the old test. I was able to fine tune the comp so I was getting a bit of compression with a nice output. The attack control allows you to get the right setting for chords, lead lines or funky playing.

I was preparing for my NYE gig and would be using a different rig so I decided to add the Comprossor to my board. The gig had a number of songs where I could take advantage of the comp for clean tones. 1 rehearsal later, I had it dialed in just right so I only need a slight shift of the attack control between 2 songs. The Comprossor performed really well, volume swells sounded great, funky picking was enhanced. I even used it for a low-gain solo spot where the Comprossor gave me a bit more sustain but still allowed the picking dynamics to come thru.

The only issue I had with it happened when using humbuckers. I don’t usually use a compression pedal with humbuckers as they already compress more by nature but I just happened to do that and the Comprossor seems to struggle a bit with the extra output. I then discovered that you can run it at 12v to get more headroom. This solved the issue for me. I do not run high output humbuckers so try before you buy but it should be ok at 12v.

Do I like the Analog Man Comprossor more than my beloved compressor? In short: no, BUT I like it just as much. It will not replace my compressor pedal but I might get it for this 2nd rig as it works just great and sounds stellar!

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