[review] Accel RV-SS Classic Reverbs (by rlm)

rlm is a Supersonic tone addict and plays in a melodic death metal band.

Accel is a California based company that specializes in pedal boards, cables, power supplies and effects. They have recently released three effect pedals in the “select series” range which are built in China. The company offers original equipment manufacturer pedals from selected manufacturers that have been well proven out in tone, quality, price and sales. These pedals are actually made by another manufacturer and tweaked to Accel's specifications. You can read more about the company's philosophy on their website

Accel claims to offer a quality product that won't drain your wallet. Does the rv-ss Classic Reverbs live up to that claim? 

Accel Classic ReverbsThe pedal looks a bit plain and cheap, but it's built like a tank using a rather heavy metal housing.

The battery cap on the back can be easily opened thanks to a very user friendly locking system similar to the one you'll find on BOSS pedals. So, no need for a screwdriver or coin… If you don't want to experience the fear of running out of batteries, you can always use a 9v power supply.

As with other reverb pedals, there are a few modes to choose from to shape your tone. The RV-SS offers three modes: spring, room and hall. Each mode can be tweaked using the blend and tone knobs. The pedal can also used in a stereo setup, which is a seldomly seen option in this price range.

As mentioned before, the pedal offers three modes. I prefer the spring and room-reverbs which ranges from a gentle subtle reverb to warm and liven up your sound to an over the top roomy voluptuous wall of sound. The blend and time knobs are very responsive which gives you a lot of freedom to dial in the perfect reverb you are looking for. I'm less enthusiastic about the hall mode. It sounds a bit too much over the top and messy compared to the other two. Of course, this is a matter of taste, some will love it, others (like me) do not. 

To answer the question raised at the beginning: Yes, I think it does. Considering the price (+- 60 EUR) you get quite the bang for the buck if you compare it to other pedals in it's price range.  No, it doesn't live up to the (way) more expensive pedals, but it offers a nice range of tones and the option to use it in stereo. So, if you are a guitar player on a budget that is looking for a reverb to enrich your tone without spending a lot of money, you might consider getting one of these.

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