[review] Accel DD-SS Digital Delay (by rlm)

rlm is a Supersonic tone addict and plays in a melodic death metal band.

California based company Accel specializes in pedal boards, cables, power supplies and effects. They have recently released three effect pedals in the “select series” range which are built in China. The company offers original equipment manufacturer pedals from selected manufactures that have been well proven out in tone, quality, price and sales. These pedals are actually made by another manufacturer and tweaked to Accel’s specifications. You can read more about the company’s philosophy on their website.

As with the rest of the pedals in their range, the DD-SS Digital Delay looks rather cheap and plain. Covered in a blue metal shell, it is however built to last. The pedal is either powered by a 9v adapter or a 9v battery. The battery cap on the back can be easily opened thanks to a very user friendly locking system similar to the one you’ll find on BOSS pedals. The LED on the pedal will dim when it’s low on battery power so you’ll know when it’s time to change the battery.

Accel DD-SS Digital DelayAs it says in the name the Accel DD-SS Digital Delay is a digital delay with a delay time up to 1100ms. There is a toggle switch that lets you choose between a short and longer delay time. The short delay time goes from 20ms to 600ms. The longer delay time goes from 20ms to 1100ms. This gives you quite some possibilities, from a short slap-back to long repeating, slower delays.  The DD-SS is very straightforward in use. There are three control knobs: delay, mix and repeat. Delay lets you select the delay time. Mix lets you control the blending of wet and dry signals. Repeat gives you control over the number of repeats. It doesn’t take long to find the delay tone you want. 

Whereas most digital delays tend to produce a rather cold sound compared to analog delay pedals, the DD-SS Digital Delay actually sounds warm. This is how Accel pulled it off: within the circuitry of the digital delay, they put an analog circuitry to simulate the more traditional, pure analog sound. The result is a warm sounding delay with a longer delay time than an analog delay pedal. 

I had the chance to test another pedal in the range: the Classic Reverbs RV-SS. With their reverb Accel delivered a quality product on a budget. In this case, the DD-SS is no different. A small price for a decent, quality product.  Both pedals may look plain and a bit cheapish, but looks can be deceiving! Whether you need a short slap back delay or some long, seemingly endless repeats, the Accel Digital Delay DD-SS is up for the task. Like all Accel pedals, the DD-SS comes with a five year(!) warranty. Some companies could learn something from Accels service… 

The Accel Digital Delac DD-SS is definitely worth checking out, whether you are a guitar player on a small budget or not.

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