Effectsdatabase goes to NAMM!!!

As you probably noticed by now, I'm going to NAMM to report about all the new pedals there. I already started the list, you can find it here:

Thank you very much to all of you who bought one of the shirts from the T-shirt campaign (or shared the link) for making this possible! Except for the financial support this campaign also showed me how much my work for this site is appreciated. I felt honored by some of the people who bought a shirt. Here are some pictures of people you might know:

I still get questions about those shirts a few times a week, so maybe I'll do another run in a few months (For a redesign? Finishing the "test bench"? ...).
You can also support the site by sharing links to it on Facebook, Twitter, forums,... Especially to the NAMM list and pedals on that list (since they're "hot news" right now), this really helps the site grow.

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